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+12 EU to Triumph over Anglo-Saxons and Jews

+25EU to Triumph over Anglo-Saxons and Jews

The heartfelt phrases nonetheless plead lately, and ring true as ever: “Why will you die, O Area of Israel?”

The Prophet Ezekiel knowledgeable his target market that it wasn’t God’s Will for them to undergo and die, however quite that they might flip from their self-destructive tactics and reside quite than undergo nationwide defeat and deportation and so they had been best entertained by means of such a statement (Ezekiel 18:30-32).

For years I’ve written letters to The Jerusalem Submit and in other places, decrying the Israeli govt’s submission to international government, sacrificing their nationwide safety because of insufferable force from the world neighborhood, and feature inspired the Jewish place of birth to like and obey God and accept as true with in Him — no longer fickle males or countries that experience confirmed they are able to’t be relied upon (Joel 3:1-2).

Now I have come to the sorrowful conclusion, the grievous figuring out, that Israel’s leaders have ceaselessly bought out their land and other people to international pursuits, bloating their non-public financial institution accounts at Israel’s expense, and that the force was once ceaselessly an excuse for them to do what they’d already agreed upon: proceed the mendacity peace strategy of phased destruction, dismantle the Jewish place of birth, dismember their Mom piece by means of piece and pervert the Promised Land of Israel into an accursed “Palestine” (Playstation. 83:4).

Israeli officers, purchased and paid for just like the political prostitutes they’re, serve their German-Jesuit EU Masters (with crops in Washington, D.C. and different international capitols) and are playing with the land and lives of each Israeli. They foolishly consider that they are able to comprise the breach in Israeli safety that they’re participating in (Daniel 11:32, Joel 3:1-2), a perilous severe breach that may smash open and flood the Holy Land with international troops and sweep them away for the filthy liars they have got grow to be with their false visions of “peace” (Isaiah 28:14-18), primarily based upon the BIG LIE OF EUROPEAN “GUARANTEES” OF PEACE AND SECURITY.

The kapos of compromise are destined to get stomped by means of the EU jackboot that may trample Jerusalem and pollute Israel (Zechariah 14:1-2). They’re going to no longer break out the approaching Holocaust that may faded the previous and can scorch the American and British peoples as smartly.

In combination, as taught by means of Brit-Am Israel, Herbert Armstrong in The USA and Britain in Prophecy, and others, we’re the main tribes of historic Israel, Joseph (Joes/Anglo-Saxons) and Judah (Jews), and shall be overthrown in a nuclear coup ignited by means of the trendy Assyrians: GERMANY.

Germany is the motive force at the back of the EU empire within the making, below the affect of the Vatican who hasn’t ever given up their Crusader-Kingdom dream of possessing Jerusalem!

How pitiful are the ones plaintive letters of involved Israeli voters and Jewish and Christian-Zionist supporters international! They are nonetheless foolishly believing, like I as soon as did, that Israel’s best doing what they are pressured to do, in opposition to their higher judgment.

It is previous time all of us get up to the cruel truth that Israeli leaders are at the take, that they are taking part in “just right man/dangerous man,” that successive Israeli governments from each the Left and the Proper, are accomplices to homicide — since they have got the method and talent to take away the danger the Arab terrorists pose (with their day by day requires genocide in opposition to the Jews and the destruction of Israel), as boldly referred to as for by means of Meir Kahane (Malachi 4:4), former Israeli Parliament Member and rabbi, however purposely make a selection no longer to offer protection to their friends and family.

Successive Israeli governments, of the Left and the Proper, have stood by means of idly whilst Judaism’s holiest web page is still occupied by means of Nazi-Muslims who illegally deny Christian and Jewish non secular rights upon the Temple Mount.

Israel has the facility however lacks the need to workout right kind sovereignty over Jerusalem; Israel has woefully overlooked the Temple Mount; Israel has didn’t admire their biblical inheritance and unlock the Arab-occupied territories and instantly annex them, so Israel is shedding all of it, taking flight additional into their walled ghetto, and feature slit their very own throat by means of inviting crisis upon all: “peacekeeping” wolves in sheep’s clothes.

Israel goes to fall. The American and British peoples also are to undergo a brutal betrayal by means of the brand new child at the block, the EU bully, on the similar time. The nuclear sickle the EU will swing will quickly minimize us all all the way down to measurement.

Our countries have didn’t repent in their sins, to show from our idolatry and immorality, to accept as true with in God and no longer guy, to like and obey God and no longer blindly apply tinsel traditions that contradict the holy commandments, so we are as just right as defeated and deported (Daniel 9:11).

The excellent news is that we do not need to die, we will flip from our sins and save ourselves and reside as folks and countries, loose, following the prescription of Scripture that President Reagan had his hand upon whilst taking his first oath of place of business:

2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my other people, who’re referred to as by means of my title, will humble themselves and pray and search my face and switch from their depraved tactics, then will I listen from heaven and can forgive their sin and can heal their land.”


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