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+12 Macroprosopus, Reflections and the Isisian Codes

+32Macroprosopus, Reflections and the Isisian Codes

“As above, so beneath.”

The Image of Macroprosopus supplies us with an intuitive information into the way through which what’s above too is as beneath. It can also be used as an intuitive information within the introduction of the Lawn of Eden, the hidden matrix this is guarded via the Flaming Sword and Cherub, or the rabbinical “tree of existence”. In the long run, reflections, or mirrors, lie on the very center of the Illuminatus gadget.

This text will supply some reflections on “reflections” and mirrors as utilized by the Illuminatus and inside the Isisian Codes.

Mirrors and Reflections

We’ve already mentioned the character of IXXI, or “9-11 “, and the way that is used as a basis code for what is considered “The Lawn of Eden”. 9-11, or IXXI, supplies us with the formation development, however supplies little in the best way of the archetypical coding of the more than a few cipher wheels (sephira) and pertinent paths. Within the diagram of Macroprosopus, for example, we will see that the IXXI is encoded into the image, and that there’s a department of the letters working alongside the middle horizontal and thus creating a conceptual “replicate” or “mirrored image”.

As well as, what’s floating within the sky, as in part the Celebrity of David and the overall Tau or letter T, is being mirrored within the water.

This “replicate”, or mirrored image element is vital if we’re to resolve for the archetypical basis of the Thinker’s Stone, or, extra correctly, the “Lawn of Eden”. IXXI permits us to shape the correct geometrical matrix simplest. On the other hand, it’s not sufficient to simply protected the true geometric matrix; somewhat, for the reason that geometric matrix serves as a roadmap of the human psyche in vintage Jungian idea, it turns into important and vital to correctly position the entire symbols inside the more than a few cipher wheels (sephira), in addition to to correctly quantity the channels between the more than a few cipher wheels or sephira.

Even in any case that is carried out, it is vital to return in the course of the paintings and do the entire double checking “of the maths”, because it have been. My unique matrix for the Lawn of Eden, as an example, had one error that used to be no longer resolved for almost 2 years. So fixing for the archetypical or occult framework calls for a lot paintings and double checking previous to unencumber so to make certain that the solutions intuited are certainly correct and proper.

That is all exactly so do to the inherent nature of the Assemble, and the best way through which immersion into the Assemble creates stipulations wherein it’s simple to be deceived.

Mirrors, or reflections, play important roles within the formation of fact. As an example, once we view the Moon, which is an emblem of the Occult, is more potent than the Solar as a result of its gentle can nonetheless shine right through the day when even the Solar reigns best. What this means is that the Moon is in a position to replicate the sunshine of the Solar and shine even if the Solar too shines in addition to when the Solar does no longer. Conceptually, the Moon, as an emblem of the Occult, has gentle this is more potent than the Solar for the reason that Occult is the use of the Solar and the mirrored image of the Solar similarly. It isn’t the use of one completely over some other, however makes use of the direct gentle of the Solar, however extra importantly, the mirrored gentle of the Solar.

For the darkish facet of the Occult (the left hand trail), their mirrored image is that of the CLOUD. Throughout the phrase CLOUD is the annagrammic play of the phrase OCULT. Since T=D, we merely cipher CLOUT and CLOUD and OCULT (occult). On this method, the Occult acts as a canopy or a seal which blocks out the Solar and the Moon, or might gently wisp via and no longer impact the sunshine of the Solar or the Moon in any respect, or might difficult to understand partly the Solar and the Moon. But more potent nonetheless is the anagrammic play of the phrase OCCULT to shape the phrase CLOUD. The phrase CLOUD displays a mirrored image of LOUD, and but clouds are silent, and so we’re reminded that the power of the “cloud”, or the Occult, is more potent nonetheless as it could actually clean out the sunshine of the Solar at its very best level.

From a conceptual viewpoint we merely acknowledge that our lifestyles right here on Earth is matter to many influences and occluding forces, of which “clouds” act as a really useful or adverse drive relying at the power and length of the affect. Clouds, or “the occult”, might alternate the colours of the sunshine mirrored from the Moon because it displays the Solar’s gentle, whilst the moon adjustments stages and displays ever expanding or lowering sun shades of sunshine.

It’s only the left hand trail that seeks to difficult to understand completely, whilst we acknowledge that every one issues are obscured somehow.

If we indicate that being loud is as “overpowering” what others can listen, then we’ve a mirrored image of the facility of the Occult on this international and so must take heed of power and be informed from its reflections, for in any case, it is just the reflections we will see, and no longer the true operating because the phrases and works have been set into position.

Mirrors as an Occult Staple

The image of “Macroprosopus” is designed to trace at using reflections and mirrors as a part of the main conceptual basis and that those reflections and usages thereof will have to be completely understood if you’re to procure an apperception of the conceptual.

The entire “gods” partake of the essence of Osiris, and Osiris, because the Letter A, manifests as himself in a “subject matter shape” similar to the mythology of Christianity. Osiris because the Letter A supplies us with the conceptual gear to start to de-story the fabrication of “fact”, occult or in a different way. Pi is “the Phrase”. This implies that there’s a department and separation in that 1’s are men and nil’s are women folk, that every has its personal distinctive and separate lifestyles, however that the 1 and the Zero don’t seem to be mutually unique to the opposite, in that the the 0, feminine, is created via the 1 of the male. That is fundamental “sex”, or “sexual union”, or “the Letter X”.

X’s = SEX, but the X is a mirrored image of feminine over the male. This mirrored image supplies the intuitive perception to figuring out the character of Geb and Nut of the Egyptians. Geb and Nut are however a creative illustration of the Letter X, of the solar emerging into the womb of the Earth, or the sky.

But all of that is connected “technically” or “fundementally” again to Pi.

When you ponder at the design, and on this we indicate the design of the human frame, for it too is designed across the concept of Pi, or the “Phrase”, the visible form of the vagina displays a correlational “1” when “closed”, whilst the form of the male phallus displays a correlational “0” when seen from “the end”. It’s in the course of the cardinal conceptual turning of the 2 dimensional design that we’re ready to reach at the correct point of view three dimensional fact through which on this case, the “1’s” as men are showing in thoughts correctly as “men” and the “0’s” are showing conceptually in thoughts as being correctly designed as “women folk”.

On this method we might start the method of conceptualizing the inherent design and start to perceive what’s “true” and what’s “false”, what’s the “replicate” and what’s the “precise”.

In a different way to view that is to make use of Occult reference subject matter, which nowadays is needlessly and deliberately complicated and “mystical”. As an example, the Sepher Yetzirah, or “Ebook of Formation”, states the next:

“Those twenty-two letters, that are the root of all issues, He organized as upon a sphere with 2 hundred and thirty-one gates, and the field is also turned around ahead or backward, whether or not for excellent or for evil; from the great comes true excitement, from evil nought however torment.” – On this instance, the field will also be grew to become this manner or that.

Believe it as a ball sitting at the flooring. I write the quantity 6 after which flip the ball 180 levels. You spot my 6 as a 9. I then write a bunch Nine at the ball and switch it once more 180 levels. Now you’ve two 6’s or two 9’s, relying on the way you view them AND assuming you knew to view the numbers “this manner or that”. If I say that the quantity is a 6, and I wrote the quantity as a “6”, AND you inform me that the quantity is a “6”, and therefore we each agree that the quantity is a 6, then what’s mentioned is “true”, and therefore “excellent”.

On the other hand, if I write the quantity 6, and also you inform me that the quantity is a “6”, and but I purposely lie to and say that the quantity is a 9, then I’ve reversed the quantity and therefore “evil”, or a “lie”, proceeds forth. Since there is not any further context issues so that you can view the truth because it exists at that time limit, you don’t have any method to truly know if the quantity is a 6 or if this can be a 9.

Now increase this idea to multiples of glyphs (letters, and so forth.) and spin the multiples of glyphs as though on a sphere while you’re sitting within the heart of the field whilst immersed in a complete vacuum! That is how complicated and complex it could actually all get.

The Universe is extremely complicated in its simplicity.

Context as a Vital Element

Therefore “context” is important to figuring out the preciseness of what’s being seen relative to a Letter and particularly as to how one perspectives and de-stories occult insignia and mythologies. As an example, within the above view of Macroprosopus as proven above, there’s a “T” mirrored within the water, and but there may be an “the other way up T” floating within the air, and therefore reflecting within the water is the Letter T derived from the opposite T within the air.

This view is “true” from an Occult sense, however why? Therefore the main of “know thyself” implies that positive truths you must focal point on and confirm for yourselves, whilst steering is supplied alongside the best way.

In otherwords, it’s not sufficient to take into account that what’s “above” is “as beneath”: it’s important that an individual perceive to opposite the picture of above and analyze it as whether it is reversed or the other way up. Concepts and photographs will have to due to this fact be grew to become “this manner” and “that”, that means turned around 180 levels or flipped 180 levels, shifted 45 levels and flipped 180 levels, learn ahead, however interpreted in opposite, heart out, or in more than a few combos of the above

How “the God” manifests can’t be so simply managed via simplistic formulations, and to reach at willful and intentional codes too can’t be assumed to be a easy and easy procedure. Finally, we’re restricted to the gear to be had to us in the course of the restrictions of the design (subject matter lifestyles), and so quite a lot of gear using quite a lot of interconnections is wholly vital to impact an figuring out of the entire

When Plutarch says that Typhon tears to items to the sacred writings and scatters them to the winds, it is a very considerable and correct depiction, and so we will have to view the Assemble as a large puzzle, that, like Humpty Dumpty, we attempt to piece again in combination once more in order that we might beat again lack of expertise and myth and create for ourselves a global and society the place our non secular basis is rooted in a type of explanation why this is impermeable to lack of expertise.

The main level to bear in mind is that the Illuminatus make the most of and makes use of an unlimited array of reflections and mirrors of their gadget, and so if you’re to penetrate their philosophical gadget (a gadget that belongs to all folks), it’s important that the speculation of mirrors and reflections be understood utterly.


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