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+12 Elevating Deer – Easy methods to Bottle Feed a Whitetail Deer Fawn

+9Raising Deer – Easy methods to Bottle Feed a Whitetail Deer Fawn

My husband and I gained our first Whitetail Fawn when she used to be an afternoon outdated. A couple of weeks sooner than bringing her house we implemented in the course of the Division of Herbal Assets for our natural world breeders license. You should download this, and the breeder numbers of the greenback and doe that the fawn got here from. We allowed this fawn to nurse from her mom for a 24 hours to obtain some colostrum sooner than bringing her house.

We positioned her in a canine service for the delivery house. The fawns are very scared and docile and are simply treated the primary few days. She used to be saved in the home for her first Three weeks after which moved to a canine pen out of doors. Whitetail deer can leap directly up from an overly younger age. We advise a minimum of a Four toes. fence till 12 weeks of age after which a 9-10toes fence from then on.

Whitetail deer are fed goat milk replacer. This may also be discovered at many feed or farm retail outlets. For feeding, we used a typical child bottle with a rubber nipple. An extended pink rubber nipple used to bottle feed goats and lambs can also be bought. The bag of replacer will inform you easy methods to combine the components. We might combine a large batch and retailer it in a container within the fridge.

We began our fawn out on a three hour feeding time table. You will need to that those fawns are fed a minimum of 6 occasions according to day for the primary few weeks. Get started with an oz. of components. Our fawn simply laid round for the primary week and did not stand up and transfer a lot. For feedings we positioned her on a towel and fed her whilst she used to be mendacity down. We had many issues together with her feedings. She didn’t take to the nipple neatly in any respect and we ended up the use of a syringe to power feed her for a couple of days. After she were given the cling of it, she ate like a professional. It is advisable upload 1-2 tablespoons of undeniable yogurt to every bottle to forestall diarrhea. The diarrhea may also be deadly to a fawn and you’ll lose them very rapid. If the diarrhea nonetheless persists, speaking to a natural world or unique veterinarian about drugs is also essential.

The rationale the general public lose fawns is as a result of they have no idea that they should wipe the deer’s in the back of after each and every feeding to stimulate urination and defecation. It’s obligatory that that is completed. Fawns can not use their physically purposes on their very own till about 4-6 weeks of age. They may be able to simply turn out to be septic and die if the wiping isn’t completed. We positioned our fawn in a Rubbermaid bath with newspapers lining the ground. We used child wipes to wipe her and did this after each and every feeding.

At about 12 weeks of age you’ll wean the fawn from the bottle. We began providing deer pellets and water in a bowl from week Three on. She started consuming solids at about Eight weeks of age. We additionally feed clover hay, corn and soybeans to complement her nutrition. Our bottle feeding time table is as follows:

Day 1-Three 2 oz each and every Three hours (power feeding as essential)

Day 4-7 Four oz 6 occasions an afternoon

Day 8-14 6 oz 6 occasions an afternoon

Day 15-21 Eight oz five occasions an afternoon

Day 22-28 Eight oz five occasions an afternoon

Day 29-35 Nine oz Four occasions an afternoon

Day 36-42 10 oz three times an afternoon

Day 43-49 10 oz three times an afternoon

Day 50-56 12 oz 2 occasions an afternoon

Day 57-63 12 oz 2 occasions an afternoon

Day 64-84 16 oz as soon as an afternoon

Needless to say each and every deer is other and changes would possibly wish to be made. The primary drawback with bottle feeding the overfeeding of the fawns. All deer farmer’s do issues another way, now we have discovered the program to be what works for us.


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