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+15 How Satanic Genius Is going To Lie to Guy From God’s Trail?

+20How Satanic Genius Is going To Lie to Guy From God’s Trail?

Via Dr.P.R.palodhi

After the chief of Jinn tribe, Iblis seduced Adam and Eve within the Lawn, God known as him as Devil (Qur’an, 20:120). Thereafter, on the subject of mankind’s affairs on earth – Devil was an antithesis of Author God. The phrase ‘Devil’ implies inveterate enemy – essentially to God and Prophets, secondarily to males; it is usually analogous to ‘Satan’ signifying ‘slanderer of God to males and of fellows to God’.

Devil swore to deprave God’s Trail: ‘My Lord! As a result of Thou has despatched me to off target, I verily shall embellish the trail of error for them (i.e. folks) within the earth and shall lie to them everybody, save such of them as are Thy completely trustworthy slaves’ (Q, 15: 39). Since God created mankind as necessarily a dependent creature, if somebody isn’t accepting the “God’s Trail printed to Prophets” – he/she has to fall “underneath the spells of Devil.”

As water is distributed down from top above to impregnate the variegated creations in the world, and also from heaven the Divine wisdom is infused to the other schools of guy’s awareness in earth: ‘… Which God hath spoken by means of the mouth of all His holy prophets because the global started’ (Acts, 3: 21). The information of God was once ancestrally inherited by means of each pre-human Jinns and people in earth since when the earth was once of 1 language and one speech (Gen, 11: 1-8). God has despatched Messengers/Angels additionally to the pre-human Jinns (Q, 6:130), however many of the Jinn tribes underneath Devil’s spell rejected it and became to Paganism of extravagant lies about God (Q, 72). Mme Blavatsky had get admission to to the “E book of Dzyan” that belongs to pre-human custom; from there she wrote ‘The Secret Doctrine’. It isn’t tricky to conceive from her ebook how pre-human Jinns have had the information of early creational steps ahead of humankind (Insaan) which they point out as Lunar pitris, Sweat-born, and Egg-born and so on and a perfect deal about Chohans (lords in Tibetan), Pitris (Skt. fathers), Jivas (Skt. spirits), Prana (to respire), bhuta (phantom), Monad (Ätma-Budhhi) and so on – however we get no transparent importance of the Author God. This urged the ‘God denying’ mode of pre-human Jinns which have been maintained until these days by the use of successive plants of pagan geniuses. The early affect of Satanic mode may well be estimated from the fermenting animations of false god-hoods (polytheism) around the globe – the place none in their divinity may just specific the totality of the Divine. The method of pagan deifications encompasses nearly each and every facet of recognized fields: celestial creations (solar, moon, and stars and so on); the character and herbal occasions (land, mountain, sea, lightning, thunders, hurricane, earthquake, crops and animals and so on); prerequisites (drugs, agriculture, husbandry, searching, harvest, brewing, matrimony, childbirth, fertility, wealth and happiness and so on); ingenious talents (tune, arts and information and so on); wonders (astronomy, astrology, magic and witchcraft and so on). Thus more than a few sorts of Paganism saved mushrooming in other places and at other instances with out transparent steering about ‘proper’ and ‘incorrect’ in faith.

Satanic deceptions in faith continue as “hid thriller” within the Mythological yarns (i.e. forging lies upon grounds of reality). This has been additional attested when Adam Weishaupt, the founding father of the Illuminati, writes, “Of all of the method I do know to steer males, essentially the most effectual is a hid thriller. The hankering of the thoughts is impossible to resist; and if as soon as a person has taken it into his head that there’s a thriller in a factor, it’s not possible to get it out, both by means of argument or revel in. After which, we will be able to so alternate notions by means of simply converting a phrase. What extra contemptible than fanaticism; however name it enthusiasm; then upload the little phrase noble, and you’ll lead him over the sector.” However such surreptitious mode is completely incompatible with immediately Trail of God’s selected Prophets; therefore we discover that Devil’s devout deceptions get up completely by the use of pagan geniuses who ascend by means of rejecting the Prophets of God. Elitism of such geniuses has exalted in every age both by means of denying God or by means of defiling God – and definitely their intentions get uncovered each time they’ve attempted to ship one thing in faith proper from historic polytheism down to fashionable pantheism, theosophy, mystical insights or ‘rationality’ underneath pretexts of freedom of pondering’ and so on. And all their innovations are invariably parasitical – as a result of they get-up-and-go after realizing ‘what to disclaim’.

I. Corruption of “Heaven’s Fact”

Pre-human Jinns used to thieve the secrets and techniques of heaven (Q, 72:8) and with this pilfered wisdom they invented God denying astrology with innumerable gods, goddesses and stars because the rulers of heavenly and earthly phenomena – who come to a decision the future of folks and societies, somewhat than regulations of God to present guy the facility to be told and use herbal phenomena beneficially.Their insufficient wisdom brought to guy as astrological astronomy proves to be out of the devout contexts and twisted extra with falsehoods than are straightened with reality. After advent of Adam the Prophetic faith of God started, however Devil’s Paganism then changed into parasitic upon a number of facets of Prophetic faith. The evident instance is the ‘Temple of God’ that started because the time of Prophet Adam; and in global after the Flood – the temple and the sacred stone of Ka’ba were the important facets of Prophetic religions. Such temples don’t seem to be discovered as the elemental strong point of remotely historic Pagans – despite the fact that vintage ‘stone cultures’ and megalithism are scattered around the globe. Now as we evaluate the later age temple cultures of Prophetic faith of the Semites and polytheistic Pagans, more than a few intriguing parallels between them recommend that Paganism followed the temple tradition from Prophetic custom – however filling their temples with pictures, idols and astral divinities which might be best false gods and ‘now not the God’. Therefore God unearths: ‘What are those pictures, to which you’re so assiduously trustworthy?’ (Q, 21:52); ‘… watch out for them lest they beguile you from any of that instructing which God despatched right down to you’ (Q, 5: 49); ‘It’s those that imagine now not within the Indicators of God, that forge falsehood: it’s they who lie’ (Q, 16: 105)

God has warned mankind: ‘Invent now not similitude for God; for God is aware of, and you realize now not.’ (Qur’an, 16: 74). However pseudo-religious human fancies stay on inventing similitude for God; and such heresies are arrange by the use of spoilers emerging from each Prophetic and pagan custom. They are saying they imagine in God however deny God’s command by means of ascribing companions unto Him or inventing profane syncretism of one thing rather than the God. Thus pre-human Jinn race and even Prophet Jesus is being promoted in Christianity because the sons of God (when God begets none). Buddha, by means of pushing aside God and His Prophets, exalting as sole decider of spiritual truths “outdoor Buddha’s dispensation there’s no saint” (Dhammapada:254). When God instructions to enjoin ‘just right’ and condemn ‘evil’ – to erase the adaptation between ‘just right’ and ‘evil’ pagan geniuses offered the pantheistic ‘Brahma’ philosophy the place: Divine is found in Nature and in every considered one of us; and when deity is all issues then He may also be worshiped in all issues regardless of the fear for ‘just right’ and ‘evil’. As we flip to pagan gods and goddesses, they set their phrases of necromancy, mythology, and demonology, black magic or black artwork by means of the company of evil spirits, and white magic of human trickeries in all polytheistic religions of antiquity. The follow of necromancy initiated the conclusion that once loss of life the Soul continues to exist on earth, and the ownership of a awesome wisdom by means of the disembodied spirit, and the opportunity of communique between the dwelling and the useless. However in God’s revelation, no Jinn god or human is in a position to reincarnating at will: ‘when loss of life approaches considered one of you, Our angels take his Soul, they usually by no means fail of their responsibility’ (Q, 6:61). Soul can not continue to exist earth after worldly loss of life, however the Jinn race nonetheless has some arcane energy that continues to mislead folks by means of making the circumstances of simulated ‘reincarnations’ or reborn ghostly souls and so on – which however stay as freak magic by means of failing to replicate within the walks of existence. Their corruptions of Heaven’s reality reached to top after they remodeled the cults of ancestral feminine deities by means of telling ‘Mom goddess’ as feminine rules of the Divine – when God unearths Himself in masculine gender Who by no means has any spouse (Q, 72:3), and has warned that those that name even the ‘Angels’ as feminine are blasphemous (Q, 53: 27).

All invented pagan simulations of God are utter breaches of guiding principle that God has printed to the Prophets. Thus they satisfy Devil’s function, however fans attempted to justify that ‘all paths of faith result in God’ – even supposing their paths enjoin mankind with the profane Paganism of the pre-human Jinns, and not with God’s Trail. As faith glide clear of the God’s Trail, it becomes un-religion or irreligion which tries to inflate by means of reckoning God as ‘innocuous’. The Pagan Ethic (also referred to as the Wiccan Rede) publicizes: ‘If it harms none, do what you are going to’ – following this code, Pagan theology is based totally totally on revel in, with the purpose of Pagan ritual to make touch with the divine on the planet that surrounds them. However historical past unearths what number of Pagan civilizations of the previous were punished by means of the God which can be perished, only a few exist now as museum relics; and God has printed the results of human recalcitrance:

“Deeds after the style of the folks of Pharaoh and the ones ahead of them”: They handled as false the Indicators in their Lord so we destroyed them for his or her crimes, and We drowned the folks of Pharaoh: for they had been oppressors and incorrect doers.’ (Q, 8: 54);’And to what number of populations did I give respites, that have been given to wrong-doing? Finally I punish them. To Me is the vacation spot of all.’ (Q, 22: 48)

II. Corruption of New Global’s Prophetic traditions and Scriptures

Successive Prophetic missions of early Judaism and their devout wars eliminated most of the aberrant races of gods and pagan monuments from the older global. But historic pagan techniques plainly evolved many parallelisms and corrupted the devout base of Judeo-Christianity, pre-Vedic Sanatan Dharma and pre-Buddhist Taoism and so on. Indo-Iranians knew Asura/Ahura (a cognate of Yahweh) because the Perfect Author God. However after the schism with Zoroastrian fans of Ahura Mazda, regularly Vedic seers started to vilify Asura as demon and devas had been made exalted and worshiped as esteemed gods of Vedism. Buddhism corrupted the bottom of Taoism after Buddhists infiltrated and controlled to play a vital position in China land by means of coalescing with Confucian, neo-Confucian and Taoist traditions to shape a fancy multi-religious ethos. Historical past starts to spread the potentiality of deep rooted Paganism – as Christianity makes a contemporary get started in more moderen global upon the bottom of flourishing Aryan inhabitants that has been paganized way back by the use of intermixing with the pre-existing people.

Satanic spells persisted to inflict injury at the closing two folks of E book (Christians and Muslims) the place the jobs of ‘secret adversaries’ steadily remained traceable. Clement of Alexandria (150-214 AD) and his successor Origen (185- 254 AD), a very powerful theologian of early Christianity after Augustine, had been the scholar of the mysterious monk Ammonius Sakkas (300 AD) who was once an recommend of oriental paganism and Buddha. God-denying Buddha (referred to as Jina-lankara [1] i.e. Jewel of the Jinas) initiated nice amassing of Arhats (4th level Initiates) – who claimed to have accomplished liberation by the use of mode of self-enlightening. Buddhist priests (‘dharma-bhanakas’) had been traipsing throughout Asia; travelling the Silk and Spice Routes they unfold their doctrines all of the method from Khotan in central Asia to Antioch and Alexandria within the west. One such talk over with is documented in 20 BC in Athens. A Buddhist thinker, Zarmarus, even made a doctrinal level by means of environment himself alight. Origen is going to tell that (in ‘Observation on Ezekiel’) Buddhists co-existed with Druids in pre-Christian Britain: “The island (Britain) has lengthy been predisposed to it (Christianity) in the course of the doctrines of the Druids and Buddhists, who had already inculcated the doctrine of the solidarity of the Godhead” (that corrupts sacred ‘Oneness of God’s Sides’ by the use of prorfane syncretism between God and His created Jinn gods). Proof means that the Church Fathers had been aware of Buddhist ideals and practices, despite the fact that it’s unclear as to the level to which those can have influenced the formation of Christian doctrine. Mystical spirituality of Gnosticism seduced Christianity significantly with Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Hippolytus, Epiphanius and Plotinus and so on. Within the overdue 19th and 20th centuries, new roles of Mandaeans, Manichaean texts and nag Hammadi codices and so on resulted in reconstruction of Gnosticism. Reasonably than being a unmarried custom origination from One God, Christianity’s construction issues towards huge selection resulting in new groupings of texts and traditions, every with other highbrow and sociological histories.

It seems that the explicit corruptions of ‘Prophetic Hebrew phrases’ have devitalized millennia previous Prophetic custom to such extent that Christian scholastic seems now as though completely blind to the elemental creational facets of God! Thus they persisted to venture Devil as a fallen Angel, and his tribes as Angels (Rev, 12:29) or ‘sons of God’ who used to marry daughters of fellows (Gen, 6:2-7) and so on. God reminded in Islam: (I) Angels are created in the beginning from mild who don’t reproduce (like Jinns and people), they’re emissaries of God who by no means sin, they’re loose from thirst and starvation, and don’t develop or increase by the use of getting older procedure; (II) Jinns, celestial or earth certain, are produced from fireplace ahead of people, revel in a length of freedom upon earth, and reproduce and feature thirst and starvation like males; Jinns are of 3 varieties: flying, stationed in a single space, and animals like creeping and canines and so on; and definitely God created human-like paperwork a few of the Jinn type (rijaalim-minal-Jinni, Q,72:6), this is the reason God accepted Jinn race to percentage wealth and kids with Adamites (Q, 17: 64). God obviously discussed the title of Devil as ‘Iblis’ who’s from Jinn tribe (Q, 18: 50). However Bible’s root of corruption is going so deep that from Josephus (Antiquities 1.73) or the authors of Jubilees and provide Biblical writings persisted equating so known as “sons of God” with the Angels, even in a sexual context. As regard such blasphemous expressions in Bible, William Henry Inexperienced quoted (in Birney, p. 45): “the entire conception of sexual existence, as attached with God or Angels, is really overseas to Hebrew concept”. In Bible (Mat, 22:30) signifies that Angels don’t marry.

The Hebrew Bible offers us no reason why to imagine that Angels have a gender or are ready to breed. Such opportunistic eulogy like Jinns as Angels or sons of God are most likely results of direct interventions of the ‘Jinn-agents’ sooner or later all over formalizations of Biblical doctrine – that have been determined now not by means of the close to apostles however by means of conserving the Councils (very similar to Buddhism). Aftermath of Biblical custom obviously presentations that the Christianity has deviated in numerous respects from the printed trail of Prophet Abraham and Prophet Moses; and secret adversaries of God have ascended to such peak that the printed Hebrew title God is steadily being changed by means of a fancied title like “Jehovah” (unknown to Jesus who known as God as Eli) and Prophet (Jesus) is being misrepresented because the son of God – when Jesus used to name himself as “son of guy” (ref. S. Mark 2:10). Christianity’s pagan geniuses have attempted their perfect to overthrow the God’s ultimate Revelation Qur’an and patronize ‘realm of theology’ completely inside of their up to date Bible. All such blasphemy in Biblical custom gave upward push to Muslims’ critical grievance. Believers should now not overlook that Allah Himself protects Qur’an as a result of it’s the ultimate Revelation for mankind; and He didn’t achieve this in relation to earlier scriptures as a result of He put believers as neatly on trial (Q, 23: 30) and exposes the corruptors. However some Muslims geniuses attempt to escalate competition by means of nagging grievance of Bible with out seeking to determine the corruptors. Believers might serve higher for the reason for Allah’s penultimate and supreme Revelations by means of improving the unique Hebrew phrases after which reflecting to unique ‘printed phrases’ in Arabic. Satanic modes function now not best by means of defiling the ‘Prophetic phrases’ but additionally by means of devitalizing the custom by the use of sectarian competition.

Islam have been divided into more than a few sects: Sunni and Shiite, and from latter arose Baha’i, Ismailia and Ahamadiya and so on. The bigot sectarianism in each traditions is going to serve the Devil’s goal of jeopardizing the cardinal massages of Bible and Qur’an; consequently each scriptures at the moment are getting used extra steadily for the reason for slim sectarian ascendancy somewhat than serving the common reason behind God. The Satanic energy is incapacitated to defile Qur’an; however the evil that might corrupt millennia previous Biblical custom – too can exalt within the very title of God and make inroad into a lot more youthful custom of Islam; such spell is somewhat obvious – this has categorically depleted the power of ‘ilm in God’s Revelation (Q, 29:19) by means of proscribing Qur’an and Islam inside of Muslim devout regulations. Imam Ghazali (d. 1111 AD) has pointed that reductionism (takhsis) is the only primary reason that deviated (tahrif) Muslims from the real wisdom of Qur’an. When God commanded believers to enroll in in combination in mutual enjoining of Fact (tawaasaw bil-Haqqi) in conjunction with just right deeds, endurance and fidelity (Q, 103:3) – secret ‘adversaries’ in each Christians and Muslims are cleverly satisfying Devil’s function of devitalizing believers by means of ‘escalating the inner rifts inside of a few of the fraternal ‘Semitic custom of the Prophets’. The existing Muslims display transparent indicators of lapses with out power of early Muslims’ sacred brilliance. And trendy Christianity is not more heedful to God, as a substitute is in large part disposed to the paganized Christian brilliance. Thus each are drifting clear of the holistic Fact; such spell of spiritual darkness inside of God’s custom can not usurp in until Devil and his arms achieve ascendancy within the Prophetic traditions, and are ready to control by means of steerage them from inside of.

The Divine Trial of mankind (Q, 39: 49) is a procedure underneath the spell of each ‘just right’ (that comes by the use of Prophetic missions) and ‘evil’ (adversaries of the Prophets) companies. Therefore arrival of Prophet is accompanied by means of the semblance of open and secret enemies of God (devils) amongst folks:

‘Likewise Now we have appointed unto each and every prophet an adversary – devils amongst males and Jinns, inspiring every different with flowery discourses by means of deceptions. If thy Lord willed, they wouldn’t achieve this; so depart them by myself with their devising. That the guts of those that imagine now not within the Hereafter might incline thereto, and that they’ll take pride therein. And that they’ll earn what they’re incomes.’ (Q,6: 112-113)

III. Trendy geniuses in the back of devout darkness of our age

God unearths: ‘In case you obeyed maximum of the ones on Earth, they’d misguide you from God’s method. They observe not anything however conjecture. They’re best guessing.'(Q, 6: 116); ‘The unbelievers… are just like the depths of darkness in a limiteless deep ocean, crushed with billow crowned by means of billow, crowned by means of darkish clouds: depths of darkness, one above every other: if a person stretches out his hand, he can hardly ever see it! For any to whom God giveth now not mild, there’s no mild.’ (Q, 24: 30)

Prophet Jesus reminded us in regards to the ‘closing days of Satan’ when Devil and his arms shall fight maximum to disengage guy from God’s Trail. It’s obvious that faith in provide age has was mere fancied customs and chauvinism of the other sects. The trendy finding out is teeming with skepticism about verity of God’s Revelation in faith and validity of spiritual knowledge. The guise of irreligious syncretism and conceptual schemes of ‘ism’ starting from rationalism to existentialism muddle the fashionable concept and save you working out of the ‘perennial truths’ in which humanity has to head on dwelling. In absence of God’s Gentle the devout darkness intensifies – resulting in ‘general rejection of God’. And this very goal is obvious from the next modus operandi of the fashionable human geniuses working underneath Devil’s spell:

  • The main task of the ‘adversaries’ is to forestall folks from realizing the very Title printed by means of the God Himself — in order that guy fails to grab the Divine twine’ that enjoins him with the Author. Prophets convey the title of God in respective custom, and adversaries change it with names invented by the use of syncretism of legendary, mystical or philosophical fancies – thus human fancy has a tendency to override the reality. On this context, Sanatan Dharma of Hinduism lengthy ahead of informed us that during Kali-age best mode in which guy can relate to God — is the ‘Title of God’ (traceable in ‘Vishnu Dharmottara Puran’ even after its Sanskritization); and this has additionally been reminded in Qur’an (87: 14-15). However in Hinduism up to date by means of Vedic Aryans, sadly we discover that the ‘Title of God’ has no relevance to sectarian fancies (like Brahma-Vishnu-Siva or feminine Sakti cults and so on). Those pagan equations cleverly deviate from the God-centric essence of ‘ekamevaditiyum’ (One with out 2d) or the Perfect ‘Purisha’ (masculine facet) echoing in all self Revelations from God (Judeo-Christianity to Islam). The Aryan languages captivated trendy minds with generalized phrases like ‘God’ (and its aliases in different Aryan dialects) – implied sense of which relies extra on human fancies than that of reality. After changing ‘printed title’, it turns into more uncomplicated to withstand God’s Message and introduce the pseudo devout claims of human innovations. However this isn’t so imaginable with the self Revelations from Ahura/Yahweh-Elohim/Allah within the respective Prophetic tongues – as a result of there’s consistency of universally ‘abiding devout rules’.
  • Adversaries discard the Divine omnipotence and its sacred objective by means of relentlessly selling notions that ‘guy is the ideally suited and not anything may well be above him’. This has a tendency to stone blind the visions of human enquiry by means of putting ‘profane subjectivity’ on the centre of fact they usually deny any wisdom that proceeds now not in the similar type; as though intelligence permits now not thoughts to increase any more than ‘horizontal existentialism’ – the place guy is prominent from animal by means of mere human taste of infra-human intelligence. Thereby folks grow to be destitute of the imaginative and prescient of the ‘pre-mental Truths’ in the back of life, and stay confined inside of obvious brilliance of parochial claims, critiques and conjectures of frail human individualism. Inordinate constancy to ‘human level of perspectives’ actually divorces guy from the techniques of the Divine, our natural tendencies are atrophied inside of limits of ‘temporal relativism of the day’ – and we deny ourselves of each liberty and intelligence. Thus Devil accomplishes its function of aborting guy’s vertical awareness in sole priorities for a horizontal life of this existence’s pomp and pleasures.
  • Truths may also be avoided by means of erasing the roots. Therefore, so as to blot out ‘reality’ they introduce misleading ‘beginning issues’ in faith and historical past – in order that long run generations get disengaged from the very ‘roots’ of causality. This deception comes from the overweening authors who upward push to give an explanation for faith and genesis of mankind by means of turning a blind eye to the: I) authenticities of ‘printed phrases’ and scriptures in the case of posteriori sequel of God’s Revelations; II) the constant techniques of ‘printed knowledge’ from that of the inconsistent doctrines of human fancies; and III) validity of ‘printed Truths’ in aftermath of human historical past. Their overtures in faith grow to be extra truth-escaping maneuvers than that of truth-seeking.
  • Subsequent step is to trap the human brilliance to ‘transfer at the floor’ enjoying with the intellectual pictures with out realizing chances and position of spiritual reality. Such floor brilliance simply exalt as cult figures to the plebeian lack of awareness by means of attracting and soaking up the sentimental problems – then cults of ‘genius’ and ‘tradition’ rely up to or greater than the reality. On this method the very concept of reality is named in query by means of welcoming the spirit of doubt and denial, and weakening thereby contemplative intelligence and non secular intuition already ingrained in elementary human nature. The result’s the existing age of spiritual darkness marked by means of corruptions of the most efficient of the intense a lot (corruptio optimi pressima). Profane human brilliance solicitous of ascendancy strays into synthetic doctrines by means of denying metaphysical and initiatory realities – which after all grow to be decreased to its maximum exterior parts, viz. literalism and sentimentality. Thus expanding volumes of ‘literature’ generally tend to weigh down devout point of view by means of recoiling with exaggerated significance to kind of futile actions of each and every type – however in moderation averting the very “something important” in faith – “God’s Revelation”, the reference for finite guy on the subject of endless.
  • The Trail of God is immediately regardless of human volitions and sentiments; however Devil’s path is serpentine. Satanic arms orchestrate synthetic oppositions (e.g. heretic-theism / atheism; creationism / evolution; gnosticism / agnosticism; polytheism / pantheism and so on) of thesis and anti-thesis, however preserving each underneath regulate – in order that synthesis best serves vested pursuits however now not the reason for Fact. And folks thereby proceed to gyrate within the whirl swimming pools of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis with out the notice of gravitating towards the necessities of causality and the Fact.

IV. God has reminded mankind:

‘Does Guy assume that he’ll be left out of control, with out objective?’ (Q, 75:36);’Does Guy assume that We can not bring together his bones? Nay, We’re ready to position in combination in best order the very pointers of his arms.’ (Q, 75:3-4);’Do they now not assume that they’re going to be raised up? On a mighty Day, a Day when all mankind will stand ahead of the Lord of the worlds.’ (Q, 83:4-6);’That might be a Day of finding out! We will accumulate you in combination and the ones ahead of you.’ (Q, 77:38); ‘Then shall any person who has executed an atom’s weigh of excellent, see it! And any person who has executed an atom’s weight of evil, shall see it.’ (Q, 99: 7-8);’And the E book of Deeds might be positioned ahead of you; and thou wilt see in nice terror as a result of what’s recorded therein; they’ll say, “Ah! Woe to us! What a ebook is that this! It leaves out not anything small or nice, however takes account thereof!” They’re going to to find all that they did, are positioned ahead of them: and now not will thy Lord deal with with injustice.” (Q, 18: 49);’Report of the Depraved is preserved in “Sijjin”; ‘Report of the Righteous is preserved in “IIIiyin” (Qur’an, 83:6 & 18);’Verily unto us belong the Finish and the Starting. Subsequently do I provide you with a warning of a Fireplace blazing fiercely. None shall burn therein however the ones maximum unlucky ones – who give the mislead Fact and switch their backs. However the ones building up in self-purification, and feature of their minds no favour from any person for which a praise is predicted in go back, however best need to search for the Countenance in their Lord Maximum top; and shortly will they reach entire pride.’ (Qur’an, 92: 13)


1. Jina-lankara (Buddharakkhita; 1200 AD): This poem of 278 verses offers an account of the Buddha’s existence up till his enlightenment. (Pali Literature and Language, (PLL) by means of Wilhelm Geiger (New Delhi: Oriental Books, 1978, p.41)

* All cited and referred verses are from: ‘The Holy Qur’an’ – Translated by means of Abdullah Yusuf Ali. (Transliteration in Roman Script by means of M.A.H. Eliyasee; with Authentic ‘Arabic Textual content / English translation by means of Abdullah Yusuf Ali). Islamic E book Carrier. New Delhi 110002, India. 2000. ISBN: 81-85738-04-1


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