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+20 Hans Christian Andersen and His Sister, Karen Marie Rosenvinge

+26Hans Christian Andersen and His Sister, Karen Marie Rosenvinge

One of the crucial well-known Danes of all instances is the creator Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875). His world reputation is in keeping with his fairy stories, however in truth he used to be a a lot more flexible creator as he additionally printed novels and a couple of performs in addition to having written about himself, his existence and pals in his now printed diaries. He himself should have felt the wish to strike the reality of his versatility as he’s quoted for having mentioned that the fogeys of his top readers, i.e. the kids, additionally would to find one thing profitable in his tales. Most likely he felt just a little malicious program of unhappiness gnaw at his pleasure as a result of his reputation used to be in keeping with tales for kids and no longer on his works for grown-u.s.despite the fact that they had been regarded as slightly remarkable?

What additionally gnawed at his machine used to be the considered his half-sister – or “his mom’s daughter” as he calls this sibling, Karen Marie Danielsdatter Rosenvinge (1799-1846). They may were ready to decorate each and every different’s lives had they been pals, however no, he may no longer deliver the rest that herbal over his center – and his pleasure. In his opinion she used to be a shame to him and the apparently delicate creator, even writing devotional fairy stories for kids, by no means used to be satisfied to peer her or to listen to of her.

May just the cause of this be that she, being the eldest through six years, had bullied him within the youth? Neatly, maximum of her youth she, who used to be one of the vital 3 illegitimate kids of a person who used to be by no means married to her mom, used to be fostered out and most effective lived with the circle of relatives for a brief time period. The mum of each the kids, Karen Marie and Hans Christian, additionally used to be born an illegitimate kid and she or he used to be reputed to be a just right particular person whom he beloved so why may her son no longer settle for his sister who began out in the similar social place as their mom? It’s secure to mention that he by no means accredited this sister and that he turns out to have suspected her of residing an immoral and thus disgraceful existence.

Within the article “H.C. Andersens halvsøster, Karen Marie Rosenvinge, og hendes slægt” (: “The half-sister of Hans Christian Andersen, Karen Marie Rosenvinge, and her Circle of relatives” through Bent Østergaard and Kenneth V. Jørgensen it’s said as soon as and for all that there’s not anything on her in police archives of that point. Or put otherwise: Karen Marie used to be no longer a prostitute and thus a shame to her circle of relatives, she used to be a troublesome operating washing machine girl like their mom. Possibly she used to be despatched out to paintings as a servant on the gentle age of 9-10 years and despite the fact that she used to be very disenchanted when she may no longer have the deal with of her brother when he set out from his house as a kid to check out his success in Copenhagen she didn’t stalk him when he were given well-known and thus wealthier than someone of their circle of relatives.

All she did used to be to suggest to return to peer him a couple of instances when she didn’t understand how to get paintings or cash. This is, her fiance or perhaps husband, Peter Kaufmann, used to be the only whom the well-known creator accredited to peer, no longer his sister. Simplest as soon as did she come and Hans Christian Andersen famous that she regarded slightly younger and moderately well-dressed.

When Karen Marie used to be discovered lifeless in her rooms in 1846 she used to be buried in Assistens Kirkegården (: The Assistens Cemetary). This gorgeous and fascinating cemetary additionally used to be to develop into the remaining resting position of her brother when he died in 1875, however it’s not identified how their graves are located to one another. Many of us nonetheless talk over with his grave, however as the positioning of hers has been forgotten no person is going there. If I knew the place it’s I might have visited it as I to find that she has been wronged.


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