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+22 Metrosideros (Pohutukawa) – An Very good Panorama Tree Or Shrub For a Mediterranean Local weather Lawn

+13Metrosideros (Pohutukawa) – An Very good Panorama Tree Or Shrub For a Mediterranean Local weather Lawn

Metrosideros is the botanical identify for a genus of panorama timber and massive shrubs identified repeatedly by means of its Maori identify as Pohutukawa, or New Zealand Christmas Tree. As a big evergreen plant, it’s supreme for screening functions, however could also be extremely decorative with its high-quality shape, horny, leathery foliage, and showy annual plant life.

Pohutukawa is reasonably drought tolerant, thriving on as low as 200mm (8in) of extra irrigation in close to wilderness climates that obtain not more than 250mm of rainfall a yr. In semi arid Mediterranean climates that obtain some 400mm (16in) of annual rainfall, it will possibly get by means of on much less water, however will glance higher for the occasional deep soaking in the summertime.

Additionally it is tolerant of wind and sea spray, is in large part unaffected by means of pests and illness, even supposing it’s unsuited to spaces that experience extended frosts and sit back. Metrosideros grows smartly in maximum soils, together with the alkaline ones conventional of many dry climates, offering there’s cheap drainage. It’s not a plant for the impatient alternatively, because it grows slowly all the way through the primary few years. The affected person gardener alternatively will probably be rewarded with a phenomenal and loyal panorama plant.

Mixtures and Associations

With which timber and trees does the New Zealand Christmas tree affiliate with ease? Its oval-shaped foliage is medium in measurement and texture and so it suits in smartly with panorama trees with an identical foliage corresponding to Pittosporum and Viburnum. It’s particularly excellent with any other New Zealand local – Coprosma repens whose sorts that experience variegated or copper leaves, upload a gradual distinction to the light-green foliage of the Metrosideros.

Idea must even be given to how the plant combines with timber which might be better than it’s, and with low-growing shrubs as smartly. With this in thoughts, it combines beautifully with tall Eucalypts and with small trees corresponding to Inexperienced Island Ficus, Dwarf Pittosporum, (“Wheeler’s Dwarf”) and Raphiolepis.

Pohutukawa, as a member of the Myrtle plant circle of relatives, (Myrtaceae) has plant life with the outstanding stamens conventional of that botanical circle of relatives. Due to this fact, it hyperlinks up with different Myrtaceae crops like Syzygium, Myrtle, Acmena, and Callistemon.

Metrosideros is so horny and helpful as a screening plant, and is so adaptable to the arid prerequisites prevailing in Mediterranean climates (apart from very chilly spaces) that dry local weather gardeners can infrequently have the funds for to forget about it.


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