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+26 Acaulescent Helleborus Species and Hybrids Between Acaulescent and Caulesent Helleborus Species

+29Acaulescent Helleborus Species and Hybrids Between Acaulescent and Caulesent Helleborus Species

Helleborus are cut up into two fundamental teams, acaulescent (with out stems) and caulescent (with stems).

Acaulescent (Non-Stalked) Helleborus Species

One in all my favourite acaulescent species is the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger. Whilst rumored to be tricky to develop within the South, the massive clumps in each my lawn and others all through the South ascertain this rumor to be unfounded. Certainly, H. niger isn’t as clean to develop because the H. x hybridus, however nonetheless clean sufficient for many gardeners. H. niger has darker inexperienced and far smoother leaves than the H. orientalis hybrids and starts flowering a lot previous. For us (NC), H. niger is in most cases in flower via past due December or early January. The plants on this species are natural white, and stand up very similar to H. x hybridus. We have now discovered H. niger ssp. macranthus and the H. niger ‘Nell Lewis’ pressure, which regularly plants in three hundred and sixty five days from seed, to be one of the most highest. To be had now are decided on early flowering, energetic clones equivalent to H. niger ‘HGC Josef Lemper’ PP 15,615 and H. niger ‘Jacob’ PP 17,799 each from Germany’s Heuger Hellebores, together with new double flowering clones like H. niger ‘Double Fable’.

Whilst we all know the title H. orientalis, nearly no true H. orientalis is in truth grown out of doors of a couple of plant creditors’ gardens. Maximum crops grown beneath this title are actually interspecific lawn hybrids. Of the opposite acaulescent species, H. purpurascens (pink plants), H. atrorubens (very early pink plants), and H. viridis (inexperienced plants) are excellent easy-to-grow alternatives, even if none make just about the impressive lawn specimens as do interspecific hybrids. H. croaticus has very lovely small plants and a few types of H. multifidus have slim leaves that warrant rising it even supposing it did not flower. In contrast to H. niger and H. orientalis, many of those species are regularly deciduous, so do not panic once they disappear in iciness.

Acaulescent/Caulescent Helleborus Hybrids

For a few years, it was once idea the acaulescent and caulescent species may no longer be hybridized, however we now know this was once unsuitable. H. niger may also be readily crossed with H. argutifolius, ensuing within the nearly sterile H. x nigercors. The foliage of those hybrids resembles H. niger, however the abundance of plants is far better… regularly over 100 in step with plant. There at the moment are a number of clonal tissue cultured picks of H. x nigercors together with H. ‘Valentine Inexperienced’ (inexperienced leaves and creamy plants), H. ‘Honeyhill Pleasure’ (inexperienced leaves and creamy plants), H. x nigercors ‘Inexperienced Heron’ (inexperienced leaves and inexperienced plants), H. x nigercors ‘White Attractiveness(inexperienced leaves and white plants), H. x nigercors ‘Snow Love’ PPAF (inexperienced leaves and white plants), and H. x nigercors ‘HGC Inexperienced Corsican’ PP #15,641 (inexperienced leaves and cream plants).

H. niger has additionally been crossed with H. x sternii leading to H. x ericsmithii (aka: H. x nigristern), named for the past due UK plant breeder of hosta popularity, Eric Smith. There are a number of great types of this move together with H. x ericsmithii ‘Crimson Attractiveness’ (inexperienced leaves with red/inexperienced plants), H. x ericsmithii ‘Iciness Moonbeam’ (great silver veined leaves and cream and pink tinted plants), Helleborus x ericsmithii ‘Sweet Love’ PP 19,413 (inexperienced leaves and cream to red plants), H. x ericsmithii ‘HGC Silvermoon’ PP15,639 (silver leaves and creamy plants), and H. x nigersmithii ‘Walhelivor’ PP 16,199 (additionally identified via the non-cultivar title H. ‘Ivory Prince’, which has gray inexperienced leaves and creamy red plants).

The rarest of the H. niger hybrids is H. x ballardiae (aka: Helleborus x nigriliv), which is derived from a move of H. niger and H. lividus. To the most productive of our wisdom, Helleborus ‘December First light’ is the one industrial cultivar of this move, even if it’s not but extensively to be had.


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