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+26 Put up Put up Fashionable Ontology

+15Put up Put up Fashionable Ontology

I’ve created a brand new department of information referred to as Worth epistemology. Worth epistemology has its mirroring in an ontology (Being) this is optimistic. There are two varieties of ontology: one being optimistic ontology and the opposite being damaging ontology.

Camus and Sartre are philosophers who’ve espoused a philosophy of ontological destruction. For them existence is chaotic and absurd and having no that means. Additionally they have a good time a being going right into a fallen pit of anarchy. Let’s take Camus Fantasy of the Sisyphus. In it a person is condemned via the Gods to roll a boulder the entire method uphill best to search out that it rolls down. The person is compelled to copy this meaningless chore over and over. I want to ask Camus: is existence absurd? Is it chaotic! Camus’ philosophy is an incoherent one. If we apply Camus philosophy we will be unable to are living a existence meaningfully. Are not we residing in a society the place we have a good time the that means of existence? We aren’t beings residing in isolation. We live in a group of shared meanings- or will have to be are living as egotistic folks. Is existence marked the absence of reason why and fervour? We’re beings residing in 3 states-Catharsis, Angst and Ecstasy. Which means of existence is existentially learned.

What does Sartre have to mention of Ontological Existentialism? Sartre’s Philosophy additionally celebrates the that means of the absurd. Lifestyles for him is coherent mass of nothingness. We navigate our existence via negating the that means of lifestyles. Is existence chaotic and absurd? Is the selection we make to loose ourselves meaningless one? Sartre is going on to mention that: we’re condemned to be loose. How are we able to say that freedom is our condemnation? Used to be Sartre a mental sufferer of International Battle II? Why is there such a lot unfavorable theology in ontological philosophy?

I’ve learn and reread existential Philosophers like Camus and Sartre and I’ve advanced a brand new department of existential ontology referred to as optimistic ontology. Positive Ontology creates a brand new that means that existence is ingenious and having a objective. We need to are living a existence in Valueblelization (from Worth and Realization). Valueblelization method an artistic residing with birthday celebration of sharing meanings in empathic team spirit. For Valueblelization to happen a person is a purposeist from (Goal and ist). We need to authenticate ourselves in a democratic empathy of sharing meanings.

Summarizing I will say that the Philosophy of Camus and Sartre is damaging and rereading them I’ve made ontology a optimistic one.


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