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+30 Dome of the Rock Prophecy

+99Dome of the Rock Prophecy

The Dome of the Rock Prophecy holds the name of the game to the timeline of the Finish Time.

By the use of creation, allow us to start with the abnormal and tough numbers given in Daniel’s 12th bankruptcy, verses 11 and twelve. The 2 numbers are 1290 and 1335. Why did Daniel point out those mysterious numbers on the very finish of his prophecy, and what importance do they have got for us as of late?

As you learn all of the bankruptcy, you are going to to find that God informed Daniel that there could be 1290 years from the date that the Day-to-day Sacrifices ended within the First Temple (Solomon’s Temple) till the Abomination that maketh Desolate is Arrange. Daniel knew precisely when the Day-to-day sacrifices ended. It was once a maximum hectic and tragic day within the lifetime of all Jewish other people of that day. For the reason that Temple was once constructed, day-to-day sacrifices had been ALWAYS introduced, till that terrible day.

Including 1290 years from that horrific date, you are going to be stunned to find that you simply arrive on the actual 12 months that the Dome of the Rock Muslim Mosque was once begun. I love to check with that dour level in human Historical past as S.A.D. The Putting in place of the Abomination of Desolation (the use of Daniel’s terminology). What a tragic day it was once, certainly. And that one edifice continues to be a super supply of competition and grief as of late. It sits upon the very spot the place Abraham was once informed to supply his son, his simplest son, Isaac as an providing to God. It’s the very spot the place Ornan the Jebusite had a threshing flooring, which David purchased from him for the Temple website. What a wonderful spot.

However to go back to our timeline dialogue, in the event you now would please be so sort as so as to add the following quantity in Daniel’s ultimate verses (1335) to that fateful 12 months (688) you are going to arrive on the 12 months 2023. In line with Daniel, Ezekiel, John the Revelator, and different Bible prophets, there might be a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem when Jesus returns the second one time. Drawback… there’s no Temple in Jerusalem now, simplest the Dome of the Rock sits within the Temple website. The 12 months 2023 will deliver within the 3rd Temple, and the removing of the Dome of the Rock Mosque.

There are lots of in Israel as of late, yea, and world wide watching for the instant when the 3rd Temple might be inbuilt its correct position. Daniel has informed us when that might be.


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