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+31 Pokemon Illustrator – Is it the Rarest Pokemon Card Ever?

+40Pokemon Illustrator – Is it the Rarest Pokemon Card Ever?

Again in 1997 proper after Pokemon used to be offered in Japan, a little bit identified drawing contest happened. This contest used to be held a complete of three times all over 1997 in Japan. Each and every time, two of the most productive drawings had been decided on and the prize used to be a unprecedented Eastern Pokemon card. This card got here to be referred to as “the Illustrator” or the “Pikachu Illustrator” as it’s also known as.

Is that this card really the rarest Pokemon card of all time?

The solution I consider is a undeniable “Sure”. It’s through some distance the rarest Eastern Pokemon card of all time and I might say that it’s the rarest Pokemon card the sector has ever observed. There used to be a complete of best six of those playing cards ever produced. However to make it much more uncommon, lots of the playing cards got out to very babies. The one one I’ve ever observed used to be given out to a 6 yr outdated boy. So, of the 6 playing cards that got out 13 years in the past, what number of exist these days? And in what situation? No person is aware of evidently, however there have best been 1 or 2 of those playing cards to floor within the 13 years that I’ve been following Pokemon. The person who is recently on the market is priced at a whopping $32.500.00 A small fortune for many people, however the card has been frequently expanding in worth ever since its advent in 1997. This actual one is in mint or very close to mint situation which could be very uncommon making an allowance for the cardboard used to be principally given to very young children.

The cardboard is a gorgeous holofoil that claims “Illustrator” as a substitute of “Instructor” at the best of the cardboard. It presentations Pikachu keeping a paintbrush and has two stars on the backside of the cardboard indicating its rarity. As well as, it additionally has a paintbrush brand at the backside of the cardboard as a substitute of a sequence mark.

Folks argue that one of the different uncommon Eastern Pokemon playing cards are simply as uncommon. As an example, the Pikachu trophy instructor no. 1 card, the Tremendous Secret Struggle Mewtwo 1st position gold trophy card, or the Tropical Mega Struggle no. 1 instructor with Exeggutor on it spring to mind. Those are all very uncommon Eastern promo playing cards and every had been additionally produced in extraordinarily low amount, however I might nonetheless have to mention the Pikachu Illustrator would need to be the rarest Pokemon card of all time, merely as a result of the truth that the cardboard appears to be nearly unimaginable to seek out. The opposite playing cards floor as soon as in an ideal whilst and are all valued at about $4000-7000 consistent with card, however the Illustrator is the king of all of them in my guide.


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