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+32 Dizi – Chinese language Bamboo Flute – Care and Upkeep

+13Dizi – Chinese language Bamboo Flute – Care and Upkeep

The Chinese language Dizi or bamboo flute is an excellent sounding software. To stay it in excellent form and revel in it for many years yet to come, listed below are 12 issues you wish to have to understand to maintain and take care of the Dizi.

1. The Dizi is fabricated from bamboo so it’s extra inclined than a western flute.

2. When the Dizi is uncovered to very chilly climate after which dropped at a hotter temperature atmosphere, the bamboo would possibly make bigger and crack.

3. Alternatively, normally the simpler Dizis are those which can crack simply because the bamboo is older and drier. The longer and larger Dizis also are extra susceptible to cracking.

4. If the Dizi cracks, use tremendous glue to head over the cracked line. Use advantageous sandpaper to rub towards the dried up glue.

5. If the crack is huge and deep, use a mix of wooden shavings and glue to replenish the crack. Another way, ship the Dizi to a pro for solving.

6. The Dizi can nonetheless be performed or would possibly even sound higher despite the fact that it has cracked and glued earlier than.

7. Alternatively, if the crack is on the membrane hollow, it can be tougher to mend as the original ‘dimo’ sound may well be affected on account of the unevenness of the cracked line.

8. In case your Dizi has a copper tuning joint, take care when detaching the Dizi into 2 portions to retailer the Dizi. This exposes the copper tuning joint to conceivable injury and the Dizi would possibly now not have compatibility correctly in combination in consequence.

9. Use the ‘E Jiao’ (mule pores and skin herb) and water to join the Dizi membrane. Don’t use saliva.

10. Don’t wash the Dizi with water as a result of water would possibly seep into the bamboo and have an effect on the tone of the software. Use a material to wipe extra saliva off after the use of and retailer your Dizi in a bag.

11. To stay Dizi dry and blank, put a bag of silicone gels within your Dizi bag. If you need your Dizi to sniff great, you’ll check out striking a bag of tea leaves into your Dizi bag as neatly.

12. Most significantly, to take care of the cleanliness of the Dizi and for private hygiene, use in my opinion.


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