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+37 Seashore Cruiser Repairs

+4Beach Cruiser Repairs

The Chain

Dust, dust and salt water can destroy down motorbike parts. The chain will final for much longer with thorough cleansing and lubrication on a typical agenda. Previous to cleansing your chain be sure you have the best equipment for the process. A just right degreaser, Easy Inexperienced works smartly, won’t injury the chain. A series brush or previous toothbrush to wash. A towel for wiping of grease. And naturally chain lubricant for relubing the chain as soon as the chain is wiped clean. To scrub the chain combine 1 phase water with 1 phase degreaser. You’ll combine this right into a bucket or cup. Dip the toothbrush or chain brush into the degreaser combination. Scrub the chain and sprockets to take away any constructed up grease or particles. As soon as wiped clean wipe down the chain and sprockets. To lube the chain it is suggested to spray the lube whilst spinning the again tire. I like to recommend lubing all transferring portions and joints of the chain. Wipe up any get entry to lube when chain lubrication is entire.


Take a look at the brake pads to verify they aren’t excessively worn. If worn and now not making just right touch change the brake pads. In case your motorbike has a hand brake then blank the brake cable. Make sure that there isn’t over the top grease or particles constructed up on the finish of the cable.

Derailer (If 7 velocity motorbike)

The derailer will also be wiped clean very similar to the chain. The derailer does now not want to lubricated. It’ll require degreasing if there may be over the top increase of grease or particles.


It is strongly recommended to test the tire drive ahead of each and every experience. Tires can lose drive in a single day. Get a good ground pump and take a look at every day. The PSI (kilos in keeping with sq. inch) can be indicated at the facet of the tire. Additionally it is a good suggestion to have a look at the tires and take a look at for injury or over the top put on. Correctly inflated and maintained tires will last more.

Motorcycle Lubrication

The next spaces will want to be lubricated a minimum of once a year: Derailers, All levers, All cables, Any transferring portions of the chain.

Additionally take a look at all nuts, bolts, seat stem and care for bar stem for loosening and over the top put on. This will have to be completed a minimum of once a year however extra regularly if driving in muddy, sandy or rainy spaces.

Blank your motorbike regularly to stay it working smartly and taking a look great. A pleasing teflon or silicone motorbike polish will lend a hand to take care of your motorbike sheen, make it glance nice and lend a hand give protection to the paint. Merely blank the motorbike with water, observe the stairs above for keeping up your chain, brake and tires then observe polish. Benefit from the Journey!


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