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+38 Nate Robinson Dunk Or How To Building up Vertical Bounce

+42Nate Robinson Dunk Or How To Building up Vertical Bounce

You might know the small Boston Celtics guard Nate Robinson because the human spring. In truth, the 5’7″ guard gained the NBA slam dunk contest in 2006 in opposition to most sensible dunkers like Josh Smith and Andre Igoudala. In his maximum memorable dunk of the evening, he jumped over 1986 champion Spud Webb, and gained a really perfect 50-point rating for the dunk. He additionally gained the competition in 2009 – in opposition to Dwight Howard – and this 12 months (2010) to grow to be the primary three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion!

Nate’s monster-block in opposition to the 7’6″ Middle Yao Ming is a YouTube-classic already. So, it is obtrusive the man were given some hoops. If truth be told he has a vertical jump of 43.Five inches!

“First time I touched a backboard, I used to be 12. I touched the rim when I used to be 13, and when I used to be 14, I after all may just dunk.” – Nate Robinson

Even though Nate may just dunk at that younger age already, it took him some exhausting coaching to achieve his present vertical jump. After he left faculty in 2005 he finished a unique

four days every week, one hour an afternoon exercise.

His exercise consisted of:

Day 1 (Monday):

o Bounce rope. A very good workout for expanding foot pace. (400 jumps)

o Dash-and-drop. Run the width of a basketball court docket, drop, and do ten push-ups. (10 sprints)

o Seated determine 8. Take a seat on a balance ball retaining a ten-pound drugs ball in entrance of you. Your elbows will have to be tight through your facets. Slowly make a figure-eight movement with the ball, shifting your decrease frame as low as conceivable. (15 determine eights, then 15 in the wrong way)

o Leg curl (2 units of 10)

o Incline chest press (2 units of 10)

o Status cable fly (2 units of 10)

o Status dumbbell curl Curl one arm, then the opposite, for one rep. (2 units of 10)

o Unmarried-arm triceps extension From a seated place, with the load in the back of your head (no longer in the back of your shoulder), lengthen your arm till it is pointing instantly up. (2 units of 10 with each and every arm)

Day 2 (Tuesday):

o Bounce rope (400 jumps)

o Top knee-raise dash Dash the period of a basketball court docket staying in your feet and lifting your knees as top as conceivable. (20 sprints)


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