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+40 Double Inverse Epulaeryu Poem – Jamaican Jerk Hen

+14Double Inverse Epulaeryu Poem – Jamaican Jerk Hen

The “Double Inverse Epulaeryu” poem is a standard Epulaeryu with two inverse additions that specialize in succulent dishes and unique beverages. It is composed of 7 traces with thirty-three (33) syllables with an inverse shape. The primary line has seven (7) syllables, the second one line 5 (5), the 3rd line seven (7), the fourth line 5 (5), the 5th line 5 (5), the 6th line 3 (3), and the 7th line has just one (1) syllable which results with an exclamation mark. The Epulaeryu poetic shape syllable rely is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. The inverse shape comes earlier than the common shape with traces of one/3/5/5/7/5/7; subsequently, the Double Inverse Epulaeryu poem is 0.33/5/5/7/5/7 7/5/7/5/5/3/1/ with a complete of sixty-six (66) syllables. Each and every line has one idea on the subject of the principle direction. The Epulaeryu poetic shape, which has corresponding traces constructed round the principle direction, concludes with the finishing line expressing the creator’s pleasure and emotions concerning the meal. The next are examples:

Jamaica Succulent Jerk Hen (Double Inverse Epulaeryu)


Tasty meals

That is jerk rooster

Caribbean style

Ft, knees, head, tongue-just jerking

Sip of pirate rum

Meat proper off the bone-just slide!

Combined spice, thyme, cayenne pepper

Name the bagpiper

Nutmeg, sugar, olive oil

Stir it up in taste

Rub ginger on thigh

Jerk the breast



That is great

Jamaican rum punch

Contemporary lime juice, sugar

Pimento combined with berries

Making me merry

Bob Marley makes me tarry!

In starting was once rooster

Strolling land kicking

Then got here nutmeg and great spice

Rasta guy were given sensible

Combined rooster and spice

Jerk rooster



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