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+40 Who Says Cactus Honey Powder is Honey?

+23Who Says Cactus Honey Powder is Honey?

I by no means knew what cactus honey powder is till a couple of folks began asking about its advantages. A seek in this white icing sugar-looking powder within the International Extensive Internet finds all of it.

Many appear to assume that it is a honey varietal from the plant life of cactus that is been processed into powder shape for the ease of use — simply scoop and blend it into your espresso and tea like you may use sugar or creamer. This honey powder isn’t bought right here in Singapore, however many providers of honey merchandise within the International Extensive Internet appear to be sporting this product. Claimed to be all herbal, this honey powder is advertised as all herbal, wholesome to devour, and a very good sugar substitute appropriate for the diabetic. And it is situated as a super element for baking or drizzled on cereals, pancakes and waffles. On the other hand, I had most of these questions in my thoughts: How can or not it’s a product from the bees when even the lightest-coloured honey can’t be colourless or white? And even though it’s in point of fact honey, what is the procedure fascinated by making honey liquid into powder shape? Are any well being advantages compromised in consequence processing?

Main shoppers to naturally assume it is plenty of honey, the identify “cactus honey” is a misnomer. If truth be told, cactus honey powder does not come from the bees. It is created from the juice of a Mexico-native cactus plant known as Agave. Like maple syrup and cane sugar; its juice after filtering is heated to take away extra water. The liquid shape is more than likely significantly better identified – Agave syrup or Agave sweetener, which began to appear at the cabinets of well being meals within the early 2000s. This plant-based sweetener is set 90% fructose, the herbal sweetener present in maximum end result. And extra viscous than honey, Agave syrup isn’t as competitive as desk sugar in spiking our frame blood sugar because of its low-glycemic index.


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