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+46 Sabal Hands Section II: Sabal minor

+21Sabal Hands Section II: Sabal minor

Sabal minor incorporates many chilly hardy cultivars which are widespread in southern landscapes. Under is a dialogue of this necessary species.

Sabal minor (Dwarf Palmetto) This southeast US local may also be discovered from North Carolina south to Florida and west to Texas. Not like S. palmetto, S. minor paperwork a subterranean trunk which will develop 5′ deep, accounting for its wonderful iciness hardiness. Apparently, I have discovered two wild specimens of S. minor in coastal South Carolina with above-ground trunks and Gary Hollar has discovered the similar at different places in South Carolina. We do not know if those are true caulescent (trunking) paperwork or if the subterranean trunk reached some degree the place its trunk may not develop in its herbal downward path. It’ll be attention-grabbing to look if those come true from seed. There are a variety of named seed-grown cultivars, each and every of which represents a particular genetic shape or inhabitants.

S. minor ‘Undergo Creek’ (Undergo Creek Dwarf Palmetto) I used to be very shocked to look this westernmost inhabitants of S. minor in 2003 in Kendall County, Texas, close to the famed the city of Luckenbach (north of San Antonio). Right here, S. minor grew alongside an oft-flooding creek under massive bald cypress, which have been nestled right into a steep valley under the dry desolate tract. The palm leaflets gave the impression slightly narrower and the leaves extra costapalmate (folding within the middle) than I remembered on different S. minor. Moreover, a number of of the crops had greater than 1′ of aboveground trunk. The 7′ tall, very upright flower spikes have been a lot taller than what I generally see within the east. (Hardiness Zone 7b-10)

S. minor ‘Blountstown Dwarf’ (Blountstown Dwarf, Dwarf Palmetto) Those are seedlings from an excessively dwarf type of S. minor present in Blountstown, Florida (simply west of Tallahassee), that have been shared with us by means of Sabal palm guru Dr. Kyle Brown of Florida. The mother or father plant matures out at 18″ tall…a rock lawn palm! We will be able to’t promise that each and every will likely be as dwarf because the mother or father, however thus far, that is taking a look to be the case. (Hardiness Zone 7b-10)

S. minor ‘Castor Dwarf’ (Castor Dwarf, Dwarf Palmetto) Once we have been botanizing close to the city of Castor in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, in mid-March 2004, we discovered a roadside inhabitants of dwarf congested S. minor with very slim leaf segments. There have been a number of dozen crops within the inhabitants and all gave the impression to have the similar dependancy. (Hardiness Zone 7b-10)

S. minor ‘Emerald Island Large’ (Emerald Island Dwarf Palmetto) Those strange S. minors originated from coastal NC close to Emerald Isle, the place they have been rescued from a building website by means of NC palm fanatic Alan Brunner. They have been therefore planted in lots of the Raleigh space town parks. Those S. minors are radically other in expansion dependancy and dimension than maximum different kinds. Even if those are a lot slower-growing, generating just one to 2 leaves in line with yr, they’re going to sooner or later achieve 7′ tall x 10′ extensive with massive 5’+ extensive leaves. (Hardiness Zone 7b-10)

S. minor ‘McCurtain’ (McCurtain Dwarf Palmetto) Those crops originated from an especially energetic herbal stand of S. minor in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, simply west of Folsom, Arkansas, close to the Pink River. Consistent with the overdue Logan Calhoun (our unique seed supply), seedlings of this inhabitants have survived temperatures of -24 levels F in Wichita and are generating seed. (Hardiness Zone 7b-10)

S. minor ‘Oriental Large’ (Oriental Large Dwarf Palmetto) In 2006, I used to be lucky to accompany palm guru Gary Hollar to look the 10′ tall massive S. minor rising within the Pamlico County, NC the city of Oriental. The mother or father crops have been rising in wealthy, sandy hardwood swamp. (Zone 7b-10)

S. minor ‘Woodville’ (Woodville Dwarf Palmetto) (S. minor A2LA-034) Once we have been botanizing close to Woodville, MS in overdue February 2003, we discovered a 6′ tall S. minor with a 7′ flower spike stuffed with seed. This won’t sound atypical aside from that this was once the one sabal noticed on our complete travel that had no longer shed its seed. I believed that the seed was once no excellent however, in truth, all of it germinated. We have no idea if this trait is inheritable or no longer, however although no longer, it’s an exceptionally massive specimen for this space that are meant to produce massive offspring. (Hardiness Zone 7b-10)

S. minor var. Louisiana (Louisiana Palmetto) (syn: S. Louisiana) This odd Gulf Coast local is located handiest in a couple of swampy spaces of Louisiana and east Texas, the place it grows amongst standard S. minor. Taxonomists ceaselessly brush aside it as a variant of S. minor, however the 6′ tall trunk turns out to mention another way. If you do not agree, most likely you’ll be able to alternate your thoughts after a couple of whacks with the ones aforementioned 6′ tall trunks. In all probability we’re seeing speciation in development.

Regardless, all seedlings appear to broaden a trunk. S. minor var. Louisiana, will achieve 12′ tall when mature and resembles S. x texensis ‘Brazoria’. Sabal minor var. Louisiana hasn’t ever proven any iciness injury right here since 1999.


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