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+48 Secret Rules of Immortality, Version 24

+24Secret Rules of Immortality, Version 24

At this juncture I’ve reached the beginnings of a hard and fast method to the search for immortality: at the one hand there’s Legislation, which is the fateful immortal. However there are 4 senses of contract. Those contracts embrace substantial cleverness, persona, or sexuality.

Prior to now, the record of possible contracts used to be diminished to incorporate the next paradoxical approximations, along with sheerly lawful and sheerly gorgeous stipulations:

1. ‘a good looking contract and not using a gorgeous serve as’,

2. ‘a good looking contract with out the illusion of attractiveness’,

3. ‘an unsightly contract that serves a good looking serve as’, and

4. ‘an unsightly one who turns out sarcastically gorgeous’.

If the battle for immortality is an come across with imperfection, it sort of feels most probably that it’s also an come across with the paradoxes of immortality. If so, the trail for immortal attractiveness or lawful intelligence, as prior to now written, might broaden from those additional issues.

Elaborating the character of the context with the structural assumption that the absence of a freelance is a ‘extra unique’ and but ‘much less advanced’ degree, we’ve the next:

A. Paradox (Ugliness)

B. Unsightly Contract (Paradoxical Contract)

C. Secret Aesthetic Paradox

D. Reliable Aesthetic Paradox

Probably levels past (D) would contain regulation or authentic attractiveness.

So allow us to permute them.

[AA, AB, AC, AD, BA, BB, BC, BD, CA, CB, CC, CD, DA, DB, DC, DD]

A. 1. Paradox of ugliness, 2. Paradox of an unsightly contract, 3. Secret Good looks Solution, 4. Reliable Good looks Solution

B. 1. Creative contract, 2. Ironic freedoms, 3. The name of the game artist, 4. Severe unknowns

C. 1. Secret solution, 2. Secret aesthetic, 3. Open and unfastened solution, 4. Severe freedoms solution

D. 1. Honorary secrets and techniques, 2. Reliable aesthetic solution, 3. Aesthetic truth, 4. Initiation

Realize those paths aren’t essentially printed to everybody. This may increasingly seem as a real understatement earlier than the center levels, or even within the later levels what one assumes to be the reality might fail to magnify suitable facets of the puzzle.

After all, it sort of feels conceivable to fail the device, and stay insignificant. For sure it sort of feels that the trail, if I describe it as it should be, is in a single position a metaphor, in any other position a paperwork, in a 3rd position a technique, and in a fourth position a type of citizenship. It’s tricky to inform how these items relate, with out forcing the ‘participant’ additional down the trail. This can be a approach of compulsion, up to a real type of psychology. However the two issues aren’t the similar.

Imagine how a small mis-step in an early choice can lead all of the means down the quadrangle. What if ugliness is a paradox finally? What if freedom or irony have been misjudged or inaccurate? What if freedom wasn’t unfastened? What if one wasn’t in point of fact initiated? There are methods to idiot the thoughts that may nonetheless be optimistic, assuming that building is conceivable.

One will have to, within the first position, no longer think that building is unattainable. Secondly, one will have to attempt to accomplish probably the most important issues, towards all instinct, flying within the face of destiny and fortune! On one hand, you might want to kiss anyone within the rain. It’s going to make you extra mature, despite the fact that the individual did not need to be kissed. However you might need to reside your most important years in retirement. Then, if conceivable, start now! Converting your viewpoint will depend on validating what you’re in fact occupied with. If you’re making a mistake, you must justify that that is who you’re, you’re caught with your individual situation, you could have made a definite more or less growth.

Returning to the record, we will be able to see that this can be a sequence of overlooked alternatives.

Initiation comes first psychologically. Aesthetic truth comes 2d. Is not that refreshing? Reliable aesthetic solutions come 3rd. Just right: actual ideas. Honorary secrets and techniques come fourth. One thing to worry your self with, to distract you from recognition or misfortune. Severe freedoms come 5th. A way of praise, arbitrarily doled out for common receive advantages. The open and unfastened solutions comes 6th. Extending freedoms to incorporate extraordinary purposes. Secret aesthetic comes 7th. The internal stillness of time. Secret solutions come 8th, the transparency of the arena. Severe unknowns are 9th, a differential engine. The name of the game artist is 10th, the facility for actual accomplishment. Ironic freedoms is 11th, a way of self-justice, or authentic motivation. Creative contract is 12th, turning procedure into regulation. Stunning, respectable solutions are 13th, glorifying the works of the thoughts and frame. Secret attractiveness is fourteenth, including subtlety. The anomaly of an unsightly contract is 15th, saving the soul. The anomaly of ugliness is 16th, growing self-love.

Alternatively, after those 16 minor levels are over, you will need to stay the search for immortality. Those aren’t simply distractions, thus they aren’t distracting. The upper type of lifestyles might achieve for successes which might be solely unimagined, but lifestyles’s contract is largely ugliness, is largely un-affording, and best reaches its pinnacle with nice reason why and get to the bottom of.

I can use the 16 classes as a foundation for additional research of immortality in later articles.

With that, this version of the name of the game ideas of immortality ends.


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