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+5 How To Say Possibly In Eastern – The Bunpo Of Kamoshirenai

+35How To Say Possibly In Eastern – The Bunpo Of Kamoshirenai

PLAIN FORM + KAMOSHIRENAI – to most likely verb

In Eastern, to mention that one thing will perhaps occur at some point or to mention that one thing has most likely already befell, we use the phrase ~kamoshirenai. Each Eastern nouns and Eastern verbs in undeniable shape (i.e. Base III) can be utilized to which we will be able to connect one among 3 variable endings which range in politeness.

When used after nouns, or verbs in undeniable shape, KAMOSHIREMASEN manner: perhaps noun, perhaps verb, would possibly had been noun, would possibly have verb’ed, or most likely noun, or most likely verb and so forth. Even though by means of definition, KAMO, on its own, is the phrase for duck, the beginning or roots of the phrase KAMOSHIREMASEN come principally from the verb to grasp, or, SHIRU. On this case, SHIRENAI manner not able to grasp. The KA and the MO pose much more uncertainty when put in combination as a result of KA is the query mark (?) particle, and MO is the additionally particle.

KAMO with out SHIRENAI or SHIREMASEN is much less well mannered however nonetheless understood. To make use of KAMO on its own is permissible when talking with shut buddies or acquaintances. On the other hand, since pronouncing simply KAMO is much less well mannered, freshmen will have to keep away from pronouncing it. Its perfect to at all times use essentially the most well mannered shape KAMOSHIREMASEN, however it is OK to mention KAMOSHIRENAI when you find yourself in corporate of shut buddies and so forth.

For those who had been to hear 10 mins of any random Eastern dialog, you could possibly perhaps or most likely (pun supposed) listen the phrase KAMOSHIRENAI inside that point. KAMOSHIRENAI is at all times utilized in Eastern dialog. Verbs in base III are an identical to what’s referred to as undeniable shape, of the verb, now and again designated in JPPGG&reproduction; Ghetto Grammar as P.F.

Verb(Base III) + KAMOSHIRENAI – maximum commonplace, however much less well mannered

Verb(Base III) + KAMOSHIREMASEN – extra well mannered

Verb(Base III) + KAMO – least well mannered and humorous to the ear


It could had been stolen



Are you going to graduate?

It is imaginable! (Possibly!)


It is a duck, most likely.-or-

It is perhaps a duck.-or-

It is most likely a duck.-etc.


Its most likely tastes beautiful just right! (Does not it?)

(Tasty duck hunh~)

As at all times, Ganbatte Ne! Do your Easiest!

Makurasuki Sensei.


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