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7 Rainforest Birds – Asian Fairy Bluebird

+31Rainforest Birds – Asian Fairy Bluebird

Chicken Identify:

Asian Fairy Bluebird

Latin Identify:

Irena puella


Least Worry

Medical Classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Magnificence: Aves

Order: Passeriformes

Circle of relatives: Irenidae

Genus: Irena

Species: l. puella

Common Knowledge:

The Asian Fairy Bluebird is a in style arboreal passerine hen of medium dimension. The one different member of the Irenidae circle of relatives is the Philippine Fairy Bluebird which is endemic to the most important Philippine islands. Typically travelling in pairs, their name is a liquid two-tone “glue-it.”

Bodily Description:

The Asian Bluebird averages 27 cm in period. This species is sexually dimorphic, that means the sexes seem other. The men are black and showcase shinning ultramarine blue colour with lilac reflections within the higher portions. The women and younger men are boring in colour and showcase a brownish blue hue.


The Bluebird eats fruit, essentially figs, in addition to nectar and a few small bugs. Seasonal actions are associated with fruit bearing timber.


The Fairy Bluebird is in style starting from jap India via Southeast Asia to Java and Palawan within the Philippines. This species is located in wet hill-forest within the wooded area cover. Their frail nests happen in saplings or small timber. They’re built of moss and small twigs right into a shallow cup form


The breeding season for the Asian Fairy Bluebird is between February and April. Seize dimension is in most cases 2 to three eggs which can be coloured greenish white marked with brown. The women are the one ones to construct the nests, even supposing each sexes feed the younger.


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