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Ingenious Considering Ways in Motion – 40 Makes use of For a Brick

Ingenious pondering tactics lend a hand us discover ways to proliferate concepts. After we discover ways to proliferate concepts we transform higher at divergent pondering – some of the robust equipment in an issue solver’s toolbelt.

When anyone asks you to get a hold of concepts to unravel an issue, what number of do you in most cases produce? One? Two? 5?

The next instance illustrates how we will be able to use a couple of easy ingenious pondering tactics to generate lots of helpful concepts.

The issue: What number of alternative ways are we able to use a brick?

Our function is 40 concepts.

Step One – Empty Your Thoughts

All of a sudden listing the entire tactics you’ll be able to call to mind, off the highest of your head, to make use of a brick.

  1. Construct a wall
  2. Construct a mailbox
  3. Facet a area
  4. Use it for a table paperweight
  5. Use it as a melee weapon (whack anyone at the head)
  6. Use it as a projectile weapon (throw it at anyone)
  7. Use it to pave a sidewalk or patio
  8. Construct a deck

8, general. No longer many.

Step Two – Staff the pieces into commonplace topics

A number of of my concepts fell into the class of ‘development subject material.’ So that specialize in that, what different issues will also be constructed out of bricks?

  1. Flowerpots
  2. Landscaping
  3. Mailboxes
  4. Barbecues
  5. Smokehouses
  6. Outhouses
  7. Shelving
  8. Outside bar

8 extra proper there. My working general: 16.

Additionally, among the concepts fell into the class of ‘small, arduous, moderately heavy gadgets.’ What different makes use of are there for that?

  1. Doorstop
  2. Worm whacker
  3. Ballast
  4. Cling down sheets of fabric, plastic and so on.

There may be 4 extra. My working general: 20

Step 3 – Imagine the average attributes

What are the attributes of bricks?

  • Laborious
  • Sturdy
  • Oblong
  • Smallish
  • Holds warmth neatly/insulates
  • Compact
  • Come in numerous earth-tone colours
  • Affordable

“Holds warmth neatly” evokes a brand new focal point for concepts.

  1. Kiln
  2. Lining for a steel grill
  3. One thing to offer protection to a prone floor from a scorching pot or pan
  4. Mount a steel grill/smoker on a picket deck
  5. Mount a scorching water heater on a picket/tile/linoleum flooring

Additionally bricks are “arduous.” Do a little makes use of require additional power or sturdiness?

  1. Top explosives/hazardous fabrics garage constructions
  2. Top explosives/hazardous fabrics dealing with amenities
  3. Backstop for a taking pictures vary
  4. Firing place
  5. Vault

Ten extra there. Working general: 30. We’re 3 quarters of our strategy to the objective, and we now have saved issues beautiful fundamental.

The ingenious pondering tactics I have used up to now are rather linear. To get a hold of in point of fact new and other concepts, we wish to get extra summary in our pondering.

The following device takes us into the summary enviornment. It falls below the class of ‘compelled connections’ – figuring out the connection between two issues which might be apparently unrelated.

Step 4: Pressure Connections

‘Random phrases’ is a fundamental device for forcing connections. I pull out a random phrases listing, shut my eyes and level a finger at:

  • nut
  • puppy
  • Mass
  • health facility
  • trophy

How may those phrases most likely lend a hand me get a hold of extra makes use of for a brick?

Merely listing the stuff you go together with each and every phrase, and ‘power’ a reference to bricks.

Listed below are the phrases and words that I go together with each and every:

  • nut – small, tasty, almond, walnut, squirrel, fiber, pecan, pie, cookie, peanut, bought in luggage, baseball video games, bought on my own or blended
  • puppy – canine, cat, hamster, gerbil, snake, lizard, bought in strong point retail outlets, lovely, dog food, fish tank
  • Mass – Catholic, church, provider, Eucharist, sanctuary, baptism, wafer, wine, Pope, priest, nun, prayer, forgiveness, assortment
  • health facility – emergency, rooms, beds, sufferers, medical doctors, nurses, operations, x-ray, MRI, dear, well being care, ambulance, surgical procedure, therapeutic
  • trophy – prize, engraving, given to the winner, precious, status, mantle piece, show case, delight

Forcing connections with the phrases and words I am getting those concepts:

  1. Puppy – canine – Construct a doghouse
  2. Nut – squirrel – Construct a squirrel/chook feeder
  3. Mass – provider – Construct a memorial
  4. Mass – provider – Construct an out of doors altar
  5. Medical institution – x-ray – Line an X-ray or radiology room
  6. Mass – baptism – Construct a baptismal font
  7. Trophy – mantle piece – Construct a hearth
  8. Trophy – show case – Construct a trophy case
  9. Puppy – fish tank – Construct an aquarium stand or case
  10. Trophy – engraving – Create engraved pavers for fund elevating

That is ten extra, bringing my general as much as 40. Purpose completed!

To be fair, this was once too simple. I will have saved producing concept after concept by means of the usage of different ingenious pondering equipment.

And simply call to mind what a GROUP of thinkers may get a hold of – in an innovation workshop, for a bunch of 5 I might have set the function at 100-150 concepts.

“40 makes use of for a brick” would possibly have sounded daunting to start with, in line with the guidelines on the best of our heads.

However as I’ve proven it does not take numerous pondering to proliferate concepts, so long as you do it systematically, the usage of confirmed equipment and strategies.

Thought era is the root of divergent pondering, which drives industry creativity. Learn how to proliferate concepts on this means and you can transform a greater innovator for it.


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