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DIY Christmas Lantern Decoration 2020 TOP5

Christmas season is here, which means it’s time to decorate your home for the holidays. One of the easiest and budget friendly ways to bring in a Christmas vibe in your home is to put up a Christmas Lantern. Lanterns are easily available online as well as in other stores for around $9 to $10. I think Lanterns are a perfect purchase for home decoration. You can easily decorate it for every season and festival and your home decoration won’t look off-seasonal and shall make more sense. So, if you do not have a lantern already, then you must get one.

Today, I’ll describe how can you DIY Christmas Lantern decoration which is all under $5. I am a huge fan of dollar store Christmas decorations. You can get so many things for Christmas decorations like fake snow, ornaments, ribbons, paper flowers etc which can prove really helpful in your Christmas home decoration. Here is the detailed description on how to decorate your Lantern for Christmas and Holiday season.

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DIY Christmas Lantern Decoration

DIY Christmas Lantern Decoration under $5

STEP 1: I bought this Lantern online for $10.

STEP 2: Inside this Lantern, I have put a small Christmas tree made out of ribbons and beside it, I have kept some small artificial flowers just for decoration. You can replace it with fake snow or a red truck.

STEP 3: I have draped the candle with a large ribbon and bow. I have kept it just in front of the lantern.

STEP 4: I have used some dollar store ornaments and have just strewn them around the lantern to give it a casual festive look.

STEP 5: I also these really cute faux gift boxes online for just $4. I have loosely strewn them all around the lantern to give it a much more cheerful and festive look.

STEP 6: I have used cotton because I could not find fake snow. But you are free to use fake snow, if you get them.

STEP 7: Finally, I got these two large bells and a large ribbon falong with a small one for just a $1. I hung them from the top of the lantern to finish off my lantern decor for Christmas.

DIY Christmas Lantern Decoration

AND, Now, you have a beautiful DIY Christmas Lantern ready for the season. I am a huge believer in DIY Home decoration. I believe that no store bought items can be as beautiful and home made items. So, here it is. Hope you liked it.

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