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Epazote: Learn how to Dry This Herb at House

Epazote is an herb that grows as an annual plant in hotter climates. Its leaves are harvested and used, dried, as a spice in Mexican cooking. Epazote has the good thing about helping within the digestion of beans, making it a well-liked addition to dishes corresponding to refried beans. Epazote is to be had to buy in Mexican markets, however house gardeners can simply develop it and dry it at house.

Ahead of harvesting your epazote, decide the place you are going to be drying it. It’s best to hold the stalks of the plant and make allowance the go away to dry as they dangle. The distance must be heat, dry, and freed from mud. An attic house or shed will paintings neatly. In case your house has a dust ground, be certain there may be little foot visitors throughout the space. You don’t want your epazote leaves amassing mud. Position hooks or nails top alongside the wall or within the rafters of the development. You are going to use those hooks or nails to hold your epazote.

Plan your epazote harvest about mid-morning, after the dew at the vegetation has dried however whilst the oil stage within the leaves remains to be top. It’s the oil that carries the flavour. You are going to have a better-quality end-product in case you harvest your epazote within the morning.

Pick out all of the stalk of the plant to hold for your drying room. Don’t check out to take away the leaves at this level. If the stalks are small, tie 3 of them along with cotton string or cord and dangle the bunch from the nail or hook for your drying room. Better stalks may also be hung by means of themselves, in all probability the usage of string to glue them to the hook if important.

Be sure that your drying epazote items aren’t putting so shut in combination that there’s no air waft between them. Permit numerous air waft to scale back the danger of mould.

Depart your undertaking for per week or ten days. When the leaves seem dry, take away one and ruin it up for your hand. It’s in a position when it crumbles readily. At this level, the leaves are dry however the stems almost definitely aren’t. Take away the leaves and discard the stems. Retailer the leaves in a jar with a tight-fitting lid in a groovy, darkish position. You epazote leaves will deal with their freshness for plenty of months. As you wish to have them for your cooking, take away a handful of leaves, disintegrate them, and upload them in your recipes.


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