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Make your Bathrooms an Icon of Stylish Simplicity, Inspiring Poetry & Passion 2020

Today bathrooms are not just for taking a bath, but for meditation, relaxation and healing as well. Designing a bathroom takes a lot of creativity and hard work. It’s not just luxury to design bathrooms but today it is a necessity. It’s not that only expensive items can create a beautiful bathroom but actually, there is a list of inexpensive but classy ideas that can change the look of your bathrooms.

Check out these outlandish and creative ideas that I have compiled below:

  1. Curtains: Add in chic into your bathroom by simply hanging the muted toned curtains. These curtains will bring in joyful colour into your bathroom and will give you a fresh and lively feeling while you are meditating under your shower. These days there are curtains available of almost all sizes, and fabric. You can also buy water-proof curtains with gorgeous colours; they won’t get easily dirty and will make a bold statement of its own.
  2. Colours: Here is your chance, the perfect opportunity to play with your senses. Ask yourself what do you want to feel after you’ve taken the most relaxing hot water bath or what colour of bathroom would revive you when you are utterly tired? If you use blue, it’ll add a cooling and tranquil effect and will complement any muted hued furniture, choosing vibrant green will help you bask in natural tranquillity.Use shades of white to add a feeling of opulence and aristocratic elegance look to your bathroom. If you want to spice up your island of serenity you can unapologetically go with the vibrant orange colour.
  3. Mirror: Your bathroom mirror is a true reflection of your character. If you want to make this furniture the centrepiece of attraction in your bathroom there are a variety of ideas to choose from.
  • Go for the sunshine theme. Use gigantic mirrors with a hint of metallic design around it.
  • Choose large square or rectangular mirrors for making a luxurious gentleman bathroom.
  • You can also choose rustic or contemporary style mirrors of myriad fashions easily available today at online stores

Ideas for designing stylish bathrooms

4.Lighting: Put a sincere end to your dark and gloomy moods and light it up with the perfect lighting in your bathrooms. Lighting plays an extremely important role in designing our bathrooms even though we might ignore it sometime.

  • You can add two lights on both sides of your mirror and one on top of the mirror to get a clear picture of yourself and your hair while taking a mirror selfie. You can also use mirror lighting around the mirror as well.
  • Don’t compromise with the ceiling lights as they will light up your bathrooms in their brilliant hues
  • Use spotlights of muted hues, they will induce a special charm and brilliant brightness to your bathroom and your mood

5.Plants: Adding plants into your bathrooms will incorporate a chic elegance in your bathrooms. The vibrant green coloured variety of plants will bring in innocent freshness and beauty into your bathrooms. Choose from the list of unique plants which with its air-purifying qualities will make your bathroom as fresh as raindrops.

  • Aloe-vera
  • Boston Fern
  • Golden Pothos
  • Ivy
  • Potted Bamboo
  • Dracaena
  • Peace Lily

6.Glass Doors: Create a distinct separation between your toilet and bathtub by installing translucent or hazy glass walls. These walls will add a worthy character to your modern bathroom…

7.Floors: If you want to choose from the rustic theme of decor choose the wooden flooring or if you are designing in contemporary style then use ceramic or stone flooring which of course you have to make sure are slip resistant and water-proof.

Happy Decorating.

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