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The DIY Approach To Sharpen Garden Mower Blades

Is your garden mower tearing of the garden grass blades as a substitute of slicing it? Does your garden glance love it has been eaten by means of a goat, regardless of being reduce by means of the garden mower? Wait; don’t pull your hair by means of the basis. Assist is handy. We will be able to educate you methods to sharpen the garden mower blades at minimal value and energy.

Your Guide Garden Mower – The Trustworthy Stroll Behinds

Equipment: The gear that your would require for doing this activity are

You and your time of about 2 hours or much less

A bastard record of about 12″ lengthy

A small crow bar to forestall motion of rotor of garden mower.

A worktable will likely be helpful for dong the activity with ease.

Process: You’ll use the next process as a common information and make adjustments to it to fit your needs. Be mindful the process isn’t sacrosanct. The consequences are essential, no longer the process.

If conceivable, take away the care for of garden mower and position garden mower at the desk.

Safe it if conceivable within the clamps. For those who should not have clamps, don’t hassle, safe it in opposition to any block, in order that the motion clear of you is specific.

Repair the crowbar within the blades in order that it’s going to no longer rotate

With the assistance of the bastard record, record the sides of blades in order that they appear sharp. Paintings at an attitude of 45 levels

When one blade is sharpened, take away the crowbar and switch the rotor to paintings on some other blade. Repeat the process till all blades are sharpened.

In case you have a versatile shaft grinder to your DIY workshop, it is possible for you to to finish the paintings inside of five to 10 mins in keeping with blade. Make a template of blade profile sooner than you get started your paintings and evaluate incessantly. That is essential to make certain that you don’t over reduce at a spot.

Protection Tip For You

Whilst polishing the blades make certain that the stroke isn’t too lengthy another way, it’s possible you’ll injure your self.

Polishing Blades Of Energy Mower

Relying upon the garden mower the process might range. We have now incorporated common statements on this process; you would need to alternate the process relatively. Stay the upkeep guide of garden mower to hand in case you have one.

Equipment required.

Siphon hose and blank container

Heavy paintings gloves and goggles

Double-cut (medium-rough) flat record

Lumber scrap

Socket wrench set

Rubber mallet*

Bench vise or C clamps

Rotary blade sharpener accent

Electrical drill*

Screwdriver, or 1/4-in. rod or bolt*

Blade balancer

Alternative blade*

* Provided that required

The listing might glance bold, however gear are usually to be had with each and every DIY fanatic.


The process is given for the straightforward unmarried blade garden mower, however the similar will follow to all kinds of blades, whether or not unmarried or double

Put on hand gloves and blank the engine and the fuel tank from out of doors

Take away spark plug from the engine

Take away the entire gas from the tank of the fuel engine. Use the siphon hose so you don’t spill fuel on ground.

Totally empty out the oil from gearbox in case you have one

Invert the engine and feature get right of entry to to the blade.

Clamp the engine so it does no longer transfer and blank the blade space completely

With lend a hand of a field spanner, take away the nut keeping the blade. Normally the nut will likely be unlocked within the opposite to route of rotation of engine. Chances are you’ll have interaction the screwdriver within the cooling fan of engine to prevent rotation of engine.

For those who to find that you’re the use of an excessive amount of power to liberate the nut, put one or two drops of rust casting off chemical, and take a look at after 30 mins

After you take away the blade, clamp it within the bench vise and sharpen it with a record or a grinder. Sharpen handiest the outer 2 to three inches. The world to be sharpened will likely be recognized in the event you see the blade.

Sharpen handiest to the desired extent. An excessive amount of polishing isn’t essential. This isn’t the knife. It really works on the pace of the engine

After polishing, test along with your thumb. Watch out to not reduce thumb. In case you have completed polishing sooner than, or noticed some one doing it, you are going to know what we imply by means of this.

Steadiness the blade with lend a hand of a small balancing instrument on VEE blocks, and even on two foot rulers positioned aspect by means of aspect

Refit the blades, fill up engine oil and fuel and check the sharpness of blades on uncut portion of your garden

Protection guidelines:

At all times use protection goggles and hand gloves when operating with energy gear.

Be sure you take away the spark plug sooner than beginning. Critical injuries can occur if you don’t do that.


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