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Industry Secrets and techniques in Writing Treasure Hunt & Scavenger Hunt Clues For a A laugh Birthday celebration

Have you learnt somebody who’s given a riddle to unravel and there’s a prize for fixing and nonetheless the individual does not take a look at? I do not. In any case I am penning this for other folks who like to create clues. Writing clues can also be slightly intricate and significant for green. Right here I provide the construction to jot down treasure hunt or scavenger hunt clues for any bodily object like fridge, closet.


We’re to prepare one scavenger hunt sport in our close by park for children elderly nine to 13. We have now decided on ‘Grass’ as some of the gadgets to be amassed on this clue based totally hunt. Now we wish to write a clue on ‘Grass’.

Get started from the Finish

The most obvious get started for writing a clue is to spot the solution (We decided on ‘Grass’). Bodily gadgets are more uncomplicated than summary concepts for making riddle hunts. Very explicit solutions like ‘grass of Mike’s yard’ can also be very difficult to unravel even for Mike himself. Much less explicit solutions like ‘yard grass’ or ‘grass’ are in most cases no longer as tough then again exhausting clues can nonetheless be made for normal solutions.

Assume, Assume & Assume! Some Extra!!

Similar Phrases

First create record of phrases, concepts, ideas that are associated with and feature some affiliation with ‘Grass’. Essential phase is to simply word down no matter comes on your thoughts.

– Inexperienced, Garden, Lawn, Grassland, Lawnmower, vegetation, Vegetation, Weeds, Herb, Hay, Sod, Underneath your ft, Cricket pitch, Hockey synthetic turf, Soccer box, lush, Acquire dew, Grazing land, Pasture, Herd, Wimbledon, Golfing hanging, farm, meals chain, chomp, grasshoppers

Reverse Phrases

Additionally create record of phrases, concepts, ideas that are reverse or have opposite correlation with ‘Grass’.

– On the most sensible, Hungry livestock, muddy soccer in rain, Dirty, In your head

Use Word list & Web Assets

Leverage Web’s huge sources to seize additional info on ‘Grass’. Sorts, related historical past, referenced in films. One very helpful side is to search out idioms associated with ‘Grass’.

– Grass is at all times greener at the different aspect, Do not let the grass develop underneath one’s ft, Put out to grass, Snake within the grass, Grass root degree

Put your self in Object’s sneakers

Consider you’re the object and describe the arena from its viewpoint. What do you spot, listen, really feel and odor? What do you favor & what you do not.

– Everyone seems to be taller than me, Do not stomp, I want plenty of water, Minimize the shank and I am easy. I make your garden lush inexperienced, My king in Africa is the tallest

Use Determine of Speech

Use determine of speech to jot down sentences describing the solution (‘Grass’), the usage of no matter we now have get a hold of thus far.

– Psychological Picturization: Collects dew to make your sneakers rainy

Personalization: I will be able to transfer the ball, simply do not stomp on me, Minimize the shank and I am easy Metaphor: Get started of the meals chain, Wimbledon court docket

– Exchange Phrase for major phrase(s): lush inexperienced

– Sounds related to phrase: chomp, chomp, chomp for grazing

– Simile: So is Grass to garden as hairs to go (You guessed it! I am certainly baldy) or colors to portray

Did the entire exhausting paintings…Now write a draft ‘Hunt Clue’

Each too simple or too exhausting clues will make avid gamers unfastened pastime in no time. Categorize all paintings executed until now. (1) Reject too immediately ahead words (2) Make a selection some cryptic words (3) Make a selection some solvable a part of the clue.

I love the guidelines associated with ‘chopping the shank’, idiom ‘let the grass develop underneath one’s ft’, ‘ transferring the ball’ and ‘king in Africa is the tallest’ to construct the cryptic portions. Let’s examine if shall we use ‘Golfing hanging’, ‘greener at the different aspect’ & ‘Hungry livestock’ to lead the avid gamers for in fact fixing the clue.

Lush inexperienced and anything else associated with grazing appear a little bit evident. Is also I will pick out those whilst writing clues for more youthful children however no longer right here. Get started of the meals chain can also be at a loss for words with different vegetation, so forget about it..

– Minimize the shank, I make the ball transfer, putt you consider I am inexperienced different aspect.

In Africa I’ve the tallest king, Lazy you I develop underneath your ft.

Aaah! It kind of feels very disjointed and no longer highly spiced in any respect. Let’s give some other attempt to use some Parallelism and Opposites, Minimize & Develop, Brief & Tall.

– Minimize the shank I transfer the ball, No motion I develop for your ft,

Grasping bully makes me quick, Best tall is my African king.

Used ‘grasping bully’ for ‘hungry cow’ to make it a little bit difficult to understand. I am nonetheless no longer slightly happy. It does not sound just right once I learn it aloud. Let’s give it the of entirety.

Make it Chic & Poetic

Now we wish to use word list so much. Adjust the words to have nearly equivalent choice of characters and end every word with rhyming phrases. Shall we use formal writing technicalities like rhetorical impact, alliteration to strengthen literary high quality of clues. Visible adjustments like punctuation placement, capitalization and bolding to additional emphasise the clues. I used ‘transfer’ to constitute ‘different aspect’.

– No motion I develop for your ft, greener if you’re switching.

Grasping bully makes me quick, greatest is one African king.

It appears to be like and sounds higher now. I am positive children are going to have lot of amusing enjoying scavenger hunt sport.


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