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Why You Should not Get A Bearded Dragon

#1 Explanation why: Fecal Odor

The primary suppose I wish to get started by means of announcing is that bearded dragons feces, have the worst odor out of the entire pets I’ve ever had! The odor could be very robust to have in any room. I had my bearded dragon in my bed room and it stunk up my room so badly I needed to put him within the basement. Even then, he would nonetheless stink that up too. The one position I might suggest retaining them can be in a shed, clear of the home.

#2 Explanation why: The Mass Quantities Of Crickets

One of the most worst issues about proudly owning a bearded dragon is have to shop for so MANY crickets for my bearded dragon. When they’re younger they devour a load of crickets. My beardie used to devour virtually 20 crickets according to sitting. Now I might purchase virtually 200 crickets immediately, and that might final him virtually 2 weeks. That is more or less $20 by-weekly. For a mean youngster, that is some huge cash to dish out only for the meals, to not point out the calcium powder and vegetable a beardie additionally wishes. However in regards to the crickets, you must stay them in a separate cage and still have to feed them too! So now not handiest do you must feed your bearded dragon, however you additionally need to feed the crickets simply to stay them alive and nutritious.

#three Explanation why: Lighting fixtures and Warmth

Even if many of us say that bearded dragons are really easy to take care of, they nonetheless have numerous exceptions. Beardies want particular lighting fixtures and warmth. It is important to purchase a extremely popular warmth lamp that may produce a temperature of about 95 levels at the sizzling aspect. At evening you’re going to additionally want a warmth pad, for when the temperature is cooler. The worst section about all of it, is that in the middle of getting the temperature proper, you additionally need to ensure that the humidity is true or else it would affect your bearded dragon. It’s a must to repeatedly mist the cage to stay it proper.

#four Explanation why: Cage Dimension

Although whilst you purchase a bearded dragon they’re moderately small, from 6-10 inches as a hatchling, they’ll develop to a good measurement. Maximum websites will inform you that they’re an excellent first reptile as a result of there measurement, but if they’re complete grown, your cage might not be appropriate. The general public say {that a} 55 gallon aquarium is an ok measurement, however whilst you actually see the scale of the tank, I feel it’s insignificant. I consider {that a} complete grown beardie will have to have a minimum of a four ft x 1.five ft aquarium. It could be more or less a 75 gallon tank. General there are lots of other reptiles that may have a smaller aquarium measurement.


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